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Become a BEMER Partner

Become a BEMER Partner. Change Lives. Increase Revenue.

If you are a passionate health, wellness or fitness professional then you can introduce BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy to your loyal network of clients and watch them get well whilse you earn commission from sales.
Become a BEMER Partner to add value to your business.

BEMER International AG has successfully grown the worldwide BEMER business using a direct-marketing model. It is estimated that one million BEMER applications  take place daily across the globe and 6’000 people in South Africa have their own BEMER Systems.

BEMER is a complex technology and since most people don’t feel anything when they apply the therapy they think that it isn’t working, whilst diabetics often feel tingles (open capillaries) within the first 2 minutes. Simple oxygen saturation and blood pressure tests before and after application prove that something good is happening in the body! Generally 6-8 weeks of daily application will present major changes in overall health and well-being.

Evidence. Knowledge. Trust. Passion.

Most people buy BEMER systems from BEMER owners that have experienced life-changing health benefits from daily BEMER use and have registered as BEMER Partners. This is all based on information and trust.

The BEMER Partner (agent) needs to have completed through the BEMER Training Programme to grasp basic human physiology and how BEMER influences self-regulating and metabolic mechanisms so that they impart only the proven facts to friends, family and clients. All BEMER Partners are passionate about the technology because it changes lives.

If you want to expand your knowledge and services by integrating BEMER into your business then you will also enjoy an increase in revenue:
  1. You can charge your clients for concurrent BEMER sessions during most dry therapy applications, saving them time;
  2. You can sell them a brand new BEMER Professional or BEMER Classic System; and
  3. You can buy your own new BEMER Systems and rent them to clients so that they can try before they buy.

These are popular types of businesses in SA that have become registered BEMER Partners:

  • Spas
  • Professional Healthcare Practices
  • Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Practices
  • Wellness Centres & Gymnasiums
  • Health & Fitness Centres
  • Sports Clubs & Teams
  • Equestrian Services & Facilities

A tangible return, sale after sale.

A BEMER Partner doesn’t need to buy consumables to keep the technology running perfectly. It is maintenance-free! All BEMER Systems are covered by a 3-year factory warranty. A BEMER System requires careful attention, regular sanitation and of course a reliable source of electricity.

The BEMER Partner will comfortably see a positive return on investment after the 7th new BEMER sale. All sales after that are pure profit.

See it. Believe it. Live it.

Call Stuart van Tonder (0834120820) to arrange a demo and technology introduction so that you can learn what BEMER does, how it changes lives and how you can increase your revenue.

Enhance your business with BEMER. It’s about trust.

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