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Ratang Bana

Ratang Bana, Alexandra, Sandton, South Africa

Ingrid Moloi is a passionate community leader who focuses on the upliftment of children affected by HIV/AIDS. She founded Ratang Bana in 2007 and continues to direct and operate her organisation in the heart of ‘Alex.’

Ratang Bana’s objective is to respond to the socio-economic and healthcare challenges of its immediate community. Alexandra is typical of African township culture.

Its residents are very poor: most receive social grants and they do not enjoy adequate resources and services such as education, healthcare, sanitation, housing and security.

I was very fortunate to meet Jane Simmonds at the launch of the Redhill Foundation (Redhill School’s bursary programme for under-privileged scholars) on 12 June 2014, where the guest  speaker was Advocate Thuli Madonsela (recently polled as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people of 2014 – Time Magazine). Jane mentioned that she was currently involved with Ratang Bana as part of her thesis for her Master’s in Public Health. I was instantly intrigued as the organisation could potentially offer its beneficiaries free BEMER treatments, similar to our BEMER programme in the Marico, North West Province.

Meeting Ingrid Moloi

I met Ingrid the following week at which time I explained to her the technology, explained the health benefits and then showed her interviews of two BEMER users in Pella.

We both agreed that I would place a BEMER System at Ratang Bana for her to provide complementary health support to Ratang Bana’s selected beneficiaries.

Ingrid gave me a summary of her life’s journey and the reasons for founding Ratang Bana. She is an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to spending more time with her, the Ratang Bana staff and volunteers and, of course, the organisation’s beneficiaries.

On 3 July 2014 I delivered, installed and demonstrated the BEMER system and therapy programme on 3 July 2014. My good friend Owen Dell,who is a a respected local and international cinematographer,  captured video of this so that we can add the content to a future documentary about BEMER and its impact on underprivileged African communities.

We are very excited to watch how this technology will add to the quality of life of the Ratang Bana beneficiaries – similar to what’s happening in Pella. We caught on film Ingrid’s story and her determination to make the lives of her community members easier and more fulfilling. Most of these people are living in abject poverty and the HIV+ figures are astounding. Apparently Alexandra healthcare services and facilities are entirely inadequate and unreliable: general chronic medication is not always in stock at state run healthcare facilities and outpatient doctors are not on duty every day of the week, as one would expect.

This setting is ideal for demonstrating the simplicity, cost-efficiency and social value of placing a BEMER system in a poor, under-resourced community that is bearing the brunt of Africa’s most burdensome communicable (infectious) and non-communicable (lifestyle-related) diseases.

Subscribe to our website to follow the Ratang Bana BEMER story as it unfolds. If you wish to make a much needed donation to Ratang Bana or wish to assist Ingrid by volunteering your time to her activities then please contact Ingrid directly on 084-452-0384.