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Using BEMER daily gives your body consistent microcirculation  and immune system improvements so that your metabolism can start functioning properly again.

The B.BOX is thecontrol device that sends the BEMER signal to the module that you wish to apply to your body.


All you need is an 8 minute session on the B.BODY (full body mat) to dramatically enhance the microcirculation in your body.



After this session you can treat the rest of your body’s affected areas with either the B.PAD or B.SPOT for 8-20 minutes – these are intense treatments that further optimise the regeneration of cells in organs and bones.






bpad_application bspot_application







If you have any visible skin conditions (eczema, burns, sutures, acne, stings, bruises) that you wish to treat then the B.LIGHT is a very effective module to rapidly accelerate regeneration.









The BEMER Base Programme is the most effective way to maximise the physiological effects of BEMER application. It is a 4-week cycle that is repeated into perpetuity.

  • Week 1 – B.BODY – phase 3 (intensity level 3)
  • Week 2 – B.BODY – phase 4 (intensity level 4)
  • Week 3 – B.BODY – phase 5 (intensity level 5)
  • Week 4 – B.BODY – phase 6 (intensity level 6)
  • Week 5 – B.BODY – phase 3 (intensity level 3)
  • Week 6 – B.BODY – phase 4 (intensity level 4)
  • And so on…

Other modules can be used anywhere on the body preferably after the B.BODY session for best results, when using the B.BOX Classic.

Phase 10 (intensity level 10) on the B.BODY can be immediately applied after the Base Programme session to further optimise immune system activity and osteoblast (bone cell) proliferation for bone density.

Please call Stuart (083 412 0820) if you have any questions about BEMER application and programming. Just remember you can’t overdose on BEMER and you can never do an incorrectly programmed treatment because any exposure to BEMER will provide you with health benefits.

Have a look at the three BEMER models currently available.