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Type 2 Diabetes: 5 reasons South Africans own a BEMER System

BEMER Therapy is a popular treatment in South Africa to address the underlying causes of chronic diseases, including Type 2 Diabetes.

More than 6’000 satisfied South Africans have their own BEMER Systems that they use at home every day to increase quality of life and perform at their peak.

The most common condition among the South African BEMER community is Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). It is generally accepted that Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disease of lifestyle, meaning that lifestyle habits or, more specifically, lifestyle risk factors have led to the condition over time.

It is not often that one hears about people recovering from Type 2 Diabetes. It is more frequent to hear of people suffering from mild to severe diabetes-related conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers (which can lead to amputation)
  • Kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy)
  • Nerve disease (diabetic neuropathy)
  • Eye disease (diabetic retinopathy)
  • Pregnancy complications (gestational diabetes)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Read more about these complications and others on the Centre for Diabetes (SA) website.

There a many lifestyle changes that can reverse or slow the progression of Type 2 Diabetes. Prescription drugs help a sufferer merely manage the condition. So, what is it that makes BEMER Therapy such a trusted and reliable complementary treatment for people with Type 2 Diabetes?

There are 5 clear-cut reasons that BEMER is an effective support therapy for Type 2 Diabetics:

Reason 1 – Enhanced Macro- and Microcirculation

Nearly all Type 2 Diabetes patients suffer from impaired macro- and/or micro-circulation. BEMER is the world’s most effective and best researched Physical Vascular Therapy currently available so it makes perfect sense to use this safe and reliable technology every day. BEMER application optimises vasomotion rhythms of pre- and post-capillary blood vessels between two distinct diameter ranges (50 and 120 microns). Vasomotion is a physiological mechanism that ensures organ tissue receives adequate oxygen and nutrients according to the metabolic needs of that tissue via the capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels of the body where the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and metabolic waste is exchanged between blood and all the cells of the body). Without healthy blood circulation the cells of the body cannot metabolise efficiently. This causes cells to dysfunction and in significant numbers the organ cannot perform properly. This inevitably leads to health complications and can be fatal.

Reason 2 – Increased Immune System Activity

BEMER Therapy encourages the proliferation and behaviour of white blood cells according to the immune system requirements of the body. White blood cells (leukocytes) must stick and roll on the inside of blood vessel walls. The improvement of this rolling action through BEMER application is scientifically proven.

Reason 3 – Optimised ATP Production

BEMER has been proven to increase the prodcution of ATP in the cells so that the body can efficiently perform metabolic functions. ATP is the energy molecule inside every living cell and when it is in short supply the cells do not function as they should.

Reason 4 – Effectively Treat Diabetes Complications

BEMER indirectly re-establishes the self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms of the body by optimising the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells of the body. Once the cells are functioning properly the body is in a better state to address the underlying causes of diseases. Diabetes sufferers experience incredible results with BEMER in the first few weeks of daily BEMER therapy.

Reason 5 – BEMER is 100% SAFE!

BEMER’s patented broad-spectrum signal and frequency is weaker than the Earth’s magnetic field making it 100% safe. It is the complexity of the BEMER signal and its rhythm that influences ionic activity in the body, encouraging the body to function as it should. BEMER is licensed for sale to the public by the Department of Health (lic nr 549/7826).

Don’t let your health dictate your quality of life.  Take control of your body again and give it the best chance to heal itself by using BEMER daily.

Send us your details and we’ll contact you to arrange a thorough BEMER demonstration.

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Had a Stroke? Act Now!

If you’ve had a STROKE then act NOW.

A stroke is a cerebral event that is generally caused by impaired blood circulation (often hypertension or cardiovascular diseases) and blood abnormalities (blood-clotting).

The performance of all physiological processes in your body is directly related to the performance of blood circulation and more precisely, MICROCIRCULATION. Microcirculation comprises 74% of your blood circulatory system in the tiniest blood vessels, the capillaries, where oxygen, nutrients and metabolic waste is exchanged between organ tissue and blood.

If organ cells are starved of oxygen and nutrients they will certainly dysfunction due to increased acidity inside the cells and some may even stop metabolising entirely.

When a stroke has occurred it is imperative to restore the flow of blood to the capillaries as soon as possible.

BEMER is the world’s most researched (15 years) and most effective Physical Vascular Therapy currently available, restoring natural microcirculation and immune system parameters with no known side effects.

If you really want the best option to restore blood flow then BEMER is a proven solution. It does not interfere with any medication or therapy, in fact it complements any medical intervention (surgery, medication, etc) by encouraging the blood circulation system to work as it should. Watch these BEMER microcirculation videos.

If you are immobile and bedridden then BEMER will assist in the prevention of pressure sores (bedsores) or help your body heal itself if they are already present.

If your healthcare professionals think that BEMER is not going to help or is a pseudo-therapy then they are entirely mistaken and are misleading you.

BEMER is a veritable physical therapy that has been scientifically proven to optimise microcirculation parameters, quicker and safer than any other therapy currently available. It has been registered with the Department of Health and is licensed for sale (lic no: 549/7826).

When a healthcare professional dismisses BEMER then it is not because they have evidence of it not working. Do not be eluded by this approach. It is merely that they do not know what BEMER is and it is common for people to deny a product’s therapeutic value simply because they have never heard of it and/or do not understand how it works.

Please inform your healthcare professional that we are more than willing to educate him/her about the technology and that BEMER cannot do any harm whatsoever, as verified by the South African Department of Health.

BEMER is registered with the respective regulatory authorities in the countries in which it is officially represented of which there are more than forty.

Medical doctors in Europe are becoming more and more familiar with the technology and its proven therapeutic value. Many apply BEMER therapy daily to their patients in their medical practices. Some medical schools in Germany have included BEMER in their courses.

Make  decisions about your health (and those you love) based on facts and evidence and never be disillusioned by those that are threatened by change. Read more about how BEMER works and please call us if you want to know more.

More than 6’000 satisfied South Africans can’t be wrong and neither are the collective BEMER users across the globe that apply BEMER therapy 1 million times every day.

This is your chance to help your body heal itself.

Image courtesy of “Human Brain” by smokedsalmon


Osteoporosis and the use of pulsating electromagnetic fields

by Dr H. Michaelis

If you have tried everything and still feel that you are not making any progress then you must give BEMER therapy a chance to change your life. It is 100% safe and can be used daily in the comfort of your home.

Conventional therapy for osteoporosis often comprises a change in nutrition with addition of calcium and vitamin D, avoidance of alcohol and other substances robbing the body of calcium like red meat and sweets, as well as an increase of time spent outdoors combined with exercises like swimming or physical therapy. In addition, it is advisable to stop smoking, because the loss of substance when actively smoking increases by as much as 50 percent. Prescription drugs which prevent bone loss or promote the formation of bone can also be given. Estrogen therapy for women has received mixed reviews due to the possible increased risk for breast cancer.

Piezo-Electrical Effect.

The piezo-electrical effect of bone explains the mechanisms on which bone growth, bone structure and bone healing are based. There is proof that with mild pressure on the bone a weak negative electrical current is developed and with a mild pulling force on the bone a weak positive electrical current is developed. These electrical impulses direct the bone growth and the formation of the characteristic spongy bone through calcium deposits. This ensures that the proper kind of bone structures develop, which correspond to the appropriate individual anatomical patterns of movement and usage.

One type of treatment that has been used in orthopedics for a long time is electromagnetic field therapy (approved by the FDA). Appropriate, low-frequency, electro magnetic fields induce an electrical current in the bone, which stimulate bone growth and bone healing even in the absence of mechanical weight or movement.

The following effects of electromagnetic fields are of great importance for the treatment of osteoporosis:

General effects:
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Increase of oxygen concentration in the blood
  • Improvement of the viscosity of the blood
  • Activation of cell metabolism
  • Improvement of function, differentiation and regeneration of the cells
  • Improvement of co-ordination and communication among individual cells
Effects on bone structure:
  • Loss of bone can be slowed or prevented because of the recreation of the piezo-electrical effect
  • Slow building of bone substance is possible due to the activation of calcium metabolism and stimulation of calcium deposits in the bone
  • Indirect effects due to regulation of the hormone system, which plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism of minerals
  • Improvement of overall well-being and increased activity will have a positive impact on symptoms of osteoporosis

The therapy with electromagnetic fields, which can be accomplished optimally with BEMER, is a fairly complex method, which can improve metabolism of the bone tissues and its structure, as well as the overall metabolism of the body. In addition to a balanced diet rich in calcium and plenty of exercise outdoors, the following facts should be considered: according to some new findings, calcium found in cow’s milk and its products can be difficult to absorb, and an increased need of calcium and phosphorus may require taking food supplements. The following foods are also high in minerals and calcium: green leafy vegetables, seafood, nuts and goat cheese.

Recommended BEMER application programme for osteoporosis:

Week 1-4: Morning/evening on the mat according to the BEMER Base Programme, plus once a day level 10.
Week 5 onwards: Morning/evening on the mat according to the BEMER Base Programme, plus twice a day level 10.

Additonally the B.SPOT/B.PAD should be applied to the most severely affected areas of the body at least once per day on P3

For fractures use the B.SPOT/B.PAD on the fracture site with P3 once a day.

A physician user study conducted in 2001 by the Academy for Bio-Energetics documented 28 cases of osteoporosis with an average therapy time of eight weeks.

Sixty-two percent of patients were reported complaint free, 31 percent improved, and 7 percent without change at the end of the therapy time.

© AFB April 4, 2001


The reality of Stroke

Understand what has happened in the brain, how it can be remedied and, more importantly, how it can be avoided.

There are two types of stroke:

Ischaemic Stroke

This is caused by a blockage (often a blood clot) of a blood vessel in the brain, depriving brain tissue of oxygen and causing brain cells to die within minutes.

Haemorrhagic Stroke

This is caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, causing extensive bleeding, again depriving brain tissue of oxygen, the affected cells also dying within minutes of the event.

Both types of stroke can cause brain damage, paralysis, indefinite coma or death. Immediately after a cerebral event of this nature, surgery can prove beneficial. It is very common for stroke survivors to enter into a rehabilitation programme so that they may regain mobility, speech and the functioning of senses, or learn to cope without one or more of their faculties should they be unresponsive to rehabilitation techniques.

Impaired Macro- and Microcirculation

The tiniest blood vessels (capillaries) are the most critical part of our blood circulation system as they feed organ tissues with life-giving oxygen and nutirents.

When capillaries have been damaged or have been obstructed from receiving blood then the cells in the vicinity of the affected capillaries begin to dysfunction and could eventually die (should blood flow not be rapidly re-established).

Conventional medical responses to stroke include surgery and pharmaceuticals:


Surgery can be very successful or prove fruitless, due to the nature and location of the stroke in the brain and the time taken to respond to the cerebral event. Neurosurgeons in South Africa are world-class and are extremely experienced with stroke complications.


Medication can only be delivered by the blood and if the vessels that carry the blood are not functioning properly then there is a strong probability that medication may not even be delivered to the affected area. Aspirin and similar drugs are often a first-line response to stroke.

Are there other options?

Of course there are. More often than not we Google a health condition even before we consult with a physician unless the situation is a life-threatening emergency.

In the case of stroke the conventional approaches to prevention, cure and rehabilitation generally lie in the hands of the western medical fraternity.

When we realise that conventional medicine has not provided us with the degree of recovery we were expecting we eventually look for something else, for example: alternative and complementary therapies, ancient plant remedies and energy healing. We’ll eventually ‘try anything’ to regain quality of life.

This is tricky territory because even though effective options are genuinely rehabilitative there are still some people out there that are prepared to scam you, especially when you are vulnerable. Just be aware and investigate the therapy thoroughly before committing yourself to anything.

Energy makes everything work.

When dealing with the physiology of the human organism there are several things to consider and explore.

The body is a physical system that is governed by the universal physical principles of matter – something that still puzzles us but in which we are investing vast amounts of money to discover the absolute truth (Large Hadron Collider).

Matter behaves in certain ways because of energy forces that have so far been defined by our most revered physicists and scientists. What we do know for certain is that energy, in its various forms, controls the behaviour of matter across the entire universe.

Cell Membrane Potential

The charged particles (ions) that comprise your entire body are governed by these forces and everything is designed to function perfectly. When we interfere with this amazing ballet of physics, by eating poorly, not exercising enough and indulging in toxic chemicals (smoking, etc), the matter in our body struggles to perform as well as it used to: according to the issued instructions of our DNA. This is when we start to see symptoms of chronic diseases of lifestyle.

It is a known fact that every living cell’s membrane has an electrical potential of between -40mV to -90mV. This potential initiates and manages ion transfer in and out of the cell. The interior and exterior voltages of the cell membrane are governed by the metabolic requirements of each individual cell, changing the potential according to what specific nutrients are required in the cell and what waste products must removed. It is very complex but incredibly fascinating!

When the cells require oxygen and nutrients but cannot receive them because the microcirculation is not functioning properly the cell becomes acidic and then dysfunctions (doesn’t metabolise correctly). The cell will continue to dysfunction and may eventually die if it does not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients.

So are there therapies that help re-establish impaired microcirculation?

Yes, there are several therapies that can do this and the most common ones are:

  • Physiotherapy & Massage
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Laser Therapy
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

The most researched (15 years) and most effective of these is BEMER. It emits a special patented signal that has been proven to optimise microcirculation and immune system parameters:

  • in under eight minutes;
  • with no known side effects;
  • in the comfort of your home; and
  • every time you use it.

 How can BEMER help with Stroke?

  • It can prevent stroke by regularly ensuring that microcirculation in the brain is optimised.
  • It can assist in re-establishing blood flow (macro- and microcirculation) where the blood vessels and cells of the affected area of the brain have a chance of recovering.
  • It can provide complementary support to the stroke victim that has lost mobility and prevent bed sores, muscle atrophy etc.

At this stage you have nothing to lose, only everything to gain.

Many of our stroke customers have experienced incredible results even after more than a year of having a cerebral accident. Some have begun swallowing again, speaking and walking.

When you think you’ve tried it all  just know that you still have a scientifically verified technology as a safe and effective option – BEMER.

BEMER is registered with the South African Department of Health (Reg no: 549/7826) ensuring its safety. BEMER is also represented in over 40 countries and is used by doctors, top sports people (Roger Federer, Sharks Rugby Team) and private individuals.

With all the research behind it and the knowledge that there are 6000+ happy South African BEMER owners you can rest assured that the physiological benefits are not just smoke and mirrors but the result of ongoing international scientific research and clinical evaluations.

BEMER is 100% safe and scientifically proven to optimise microcirculation. You just have to use it daily for between 6-8 weeks to know that this was the solution you’ve needed all along.

Send us an enquiry now and we will forward you more information so that you can make an informed decision. Always ask for proof!


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Time to be Healthy

Time and Health are your most valuable resources.

Together time and health directly affect your capacity to complete your daily tasks, eat properly, exercise and relax. When the demands of your responsibilities keep you from tending to your well-being you need a safe, rapid, effective, convenient and cost-efficient therapy to rapidly optimise and regulate natural physiological processes so that your body and mind never let you down.

BEMER brings energy, vitality and peak-performance to your life.

When the cells of your body receive oxygen and nutrients they can produce an abundance of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) giving cells the ability to efficiently perform metabolic functions without creating an energy deficit, so your body is never fatigued. This gives the regular BEMER user an uncompromised mental and physical advantage at work, on the sportsfield, anywhere.


Home, Office, Car, Aeroplane, NGO, Hotel, Hospital, Clinic, Holiday, Sport. Now it’s easy to find the time to be healthy!

The best health investment you’ll ever make.

Dr med Rainer Klopp, director of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has conducted hundreds of repeatable and measurable studies proving BEMER’s claims that it optimises microcirculation and immune system parameters in under 8 minutes, regardless of any pathologies that were observed. His book, Mikrozirkulation (ISBN: 978-3-033-01464-0), documents these changes using the latest intra-vital laser microscopy, capturing them on video in real-time (
The Highest court in the state of Berlin ruled that BEMER is the only Physical Vasular Regulation Therapy available that has scientifically verified its claims.

BEMER is the world’s most researched and most effective Physical Vascular Therapy.

It has been scientifically proven to dramatically optimise microcirculation and immune system activity so that your body’s cells receive adequate oxygen and nutrients for efficient cellular metabolism. When your cells metabolise properly your body will perform better, heal itself quicker and easily defend itself against disease.

Impaired microcirculation is the principle cause of the development of disease and illness, the deterioration of bone and organ function, premature ageing and decreased performance.

Make the best investment in your health today by buying your own BEMER Professional or Classic system. Send us your info by subscribing to our website so that you can join more than 6’000 South Africans and Get Well Now with BEMER.


Diabetes and BEMER

Diabetes Mellitus is a dysfunction of carbohydrate metabolism due to a relative or absolute insulin deficiency. It is caused by the pancreas producing too little insulin, or by a breakdown in the body’s insulin utilization. In the worst case scenario no insulin is produced at all and food containing sugar or carbohydrates cannot be metabolized, causing an increased level in blood sugar.

The pancreas weighs about 2.5 to 3.5 ounces, lies beneath the pylorus (exit of the stomach) and, along with the bile duct, connects to the c-shaped loop of the duodenum. In order to perform its key function in the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, it contains two distinctly different cell structures: first the exocrine glands that produce between 1.3 and 4.3 pints of alkaline digestive secretions depending on the amount of food consumed; these secretions contain important enzymes for the digestion of fats and proteins. The second type of cell structure are the island-like beta cells, about one million of them (hence the name “insulin”) that produce about 7 ounces of insulin per day. Alpha cells produce glucagon, which serves as an equalizer for the insulin in the blood sugar regulation.

Insulin is of particular importance for the entire metabolic process, since carbohydrates, especially glucose which is important for the body’s energy budget, can only be transferred into the cells with the help of insulin. Insulin deficiency causes an increase in blood sugar and thereby severe disturbances in cellular metabolism. In the circulatorysystem increased blood sugar leads to destruction of the vascular walls, impairs the oxygen bonding capacity of the blood and downgrades the blood flow properties. This in turn increases the risk of thrombosis and vascular obliteration. The longer the duration of diabetes mellitus and the poorer the blood sugar values are, the greater the risk for longterm damage, especially to the vascular system.

Based on the types of symptoms and treatment options, we can distinguish between twobasic types of diabetes mellitus:

Diabetes Type I:

  1. Extensive or complete breakdown of the body’s own insulin production. From the very beginning insulin therapy is required. This form of diabetes usually develops before the age of 40.
  2. A genetic pre-disposition exists. Due to an auto-immune reaction (viral infections, environmental stresses) the insulin producing beta cells are destroyed.
  3. It can also develop idiopathic without any underlying disease.

Diabetes Type II:

  1. Hereditary or acquired reduced reliance on the body’s own insulin, which gets aggravated even further by overeating and by being overweight.
  2. The course of treatment usually includes a variety of medications.

The foundational therapy in both cases is a balanced diet!

Special types of diabetes mellitus are gestational diabetes and some other more rarely occurring forms.

Only after about 80% of the body’s own insulin production has ceased, will the condition become apparent in one third to one half of all patients – with the typical symptoms of fatigue, lack of energy, loss of weight, leg cramps, itching, increased thirst, frequent urination and susceptibility to infection.

It can take weeks, months, or even years from the time diabetes actually begins to the time the symptoms appear; therefore, it is recommended that high-risk individuals undergo regular testing of blood sugar levels. The longer the high levels of blood sugar exist, the higher the risk of long term damage, which will influence the quality of life for the diabetic. As previously mentioned, the vascular system is most severely affected; about 70% of diabetics die from the consequences of heart and circulatory disease.

In principle, for the diabetic, vascular damage will develop over time in one of two different forms depending on the metabolic condition: diabetic micro-angiopathy or macro-angiopathy.

Micro-angiopathy is a disease of the inner walls of the small blood vessels, especially the ultra fine capillaries, caused by the continuously elevated blood sugar level. In sensitive organs like the retina and the kidneys, insufficient circulation can lead to serious malfunction and secondary diseases. Here, the changes in blood flow parameters and the heightened risk of thrombosis have an especially adverse effect. Micro-angiopathy plays a significant role in the development of nerve damage (polyneuropathy), kidney insufficiency, retinopathy and heart failure.

Macro-angiopathy displays the same characteristics as general arteriosclerosis of the major blood vessels with the distinction that it will develop rather quickly and more pronounced in the diabetic patient. Typical forms of the disease are seen in coronary heart disease, sclerosis of the cerebral vessels accompanied by increased risk of stroke, and peripheral artery occlusive disease of the legs. If affected by the latter, patients experience increasing pain while walking, mostly in the calves and feet, and must make frequent stops. After having walked a good distance, even with rest stops, they experience a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

In connection with the frequently present diabetic polyneuropathy, the secretion of the sweat glands is diminished, increasing the risk of dry skin and damage to the skin’s natural protective film.

The risk for minor injuries to become infected and to develop into slow healing ulcers is great. In addition, sensitivity to temperature and pain can be impaired, increasing the chance for injury.

Along with the narrowing diameter of the peripheral blood vessels, circulation and metabolic function decrease, leading to muscle degradation in the arch of the foot, causing pain and disturbing growth of bones, skin and toenails.

After years of poorly regulated blood sugar levels, the characteristic “diabetic foot” develops – often as a result of incorrect diet, lack of exercise, the above mentioned risk factors and poor foot care.


Due to its pathology and the sometimes drastic consequences like heart attack or stroke, arteriosclerosis, colloquially described as hardening of the arteries, statistically is one of the highest ranked causes of death. Since over one half of all available remedies are expended in the care and treatment of arteriosclerosis, this disease represents a huge expense for the health care industry.

Arteriosclerosis is characterized by a change in the walls of blood vessels. A relatively small damage to the vessel wall can lead to localized inflammation, which in turn, through a chain of chemical processes, causes increased presence of connective tissue cells. The resulting fatty plaque is deposited on the vessel wall and presents increased risk for the formation of thromboses. The clots lead to narrowing or clogging of a blood vessel, which means that the adjoining tissue is cut off from any blood supply.

Depending on the localization, diminished circulation in the lower extremities manifests itself in part with extremely painful muscle cramps, initially only when stressed, later on also while resting. Coronary artery disease presents itself with tightness and pain in the chest (angina pectoris).

Acute clotting in the brain leads to a stroke, in the heart to a heart attack, and in the legs to an acute arterial blockage. The amount of damage depends on the size of the blocked blood vessel and the duration of absolute blockage. There is always the risk of necrosis (dying of tissue).

BEMER-therapy can be used to improve the circulation and to give general support to the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms. Through the following scientifically proven effects, BEMER therapy can lead to the improvement or stabilization of physical wellbeing and can contribute significantly to the support of conventional therapies:

  1. Positive physiological effect on the condition of microcirculation, and increased utilization of oxygen in the capillary tissue
  2. Positive effect on the protein biosynthesis (repair proteins)
  3. Improved micro-hemodynamic conditions for the first steps of immunological processes, and thereby in indirect strengthening of the body’s own defense mechanisms
  4. Positive effect on the vegetative nervous system

BEMER therapy is a complex method that optimizes energy production by the individual cells (ATP) through improved circulation and increased oxygen utilization, thereby contributing to the overall regulation of the body’s metabolism. Based on these facts and the benefits observed in patients with a range of severe physical disabilities we can safely say that BEMER therapy is an important and essential foundation for strengthening the body’s self-healing mechanisms, supporting other treatment measures, and decreasing the side effects of prescription medications, and therefore of great value to patients with diabetes mellitus.

Learn how to use BEMER


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