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A New Healthcare Paradigm

When last did you walk through a hospital ward and cast an eye to the faces in the beds as you passed by the rooms?

Besides people that have congenital disorders; have experienced an acute trauma; or have contracted a life-threatening communicable disease, every other patient in the hospital has been admitted because they are suffering from at least one non-communicable disease (NCD), accelerating their approach to an early grave.

This observation can be very disturbing and every time I experience it I remind myself that there is something very wrong with the way we are taught to care for ourselves from a very young age.

We are taught mathematics, chemistry, physics, languages, how to design, build, make, you name it, but the fundamental of learning how to take care of our bodies and growing one’s own food is, for the most part, omitted from mainstream elementary education.

What puzzles me is that we are perpetually at work in the world’s most advanced labs trying find medicines to remedy our self-inflicted health problems. Billions of dollars are spent annually on drug discovery yet the prevalence of non-communicable diseases is on the rise in every country. Imagine if all that money and human capital was harnessed to teach people how to grow their own life-giving food and take care of their own bodies? The global healthcare picture would be vastly different to the one we are seeing right now.

NCDs are avoidable. The sooner we accept this fact the sooner we will have the courage to take responsibility for our own health status. We have brought NCDs upon ourselves and it’s not up to the healthcare system, a medical scheme, a doctor or a pharmaceutical company to fix an NCD. It’s up to us to adopt new habits that will allow us to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

We have surrendered our bodies to the current healthcare paradigm because that is what we have been taught to do and it is clear that this way of thinking has exacerbated the global healthcare burden. We are taught to trust a healthcare paradigm that does not trust the inherent physiological mechanisms of the body to self-regulate and self-heal. We are treating the mounting global healthcare burden the same way we are treating the patient – we’re masking the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes.

Healthcare can manage chronic diseases but without addressing the underlying causes of an NCD the biochemical pathways in the body will progressively dysfunction. Add the possible side effects of medicines to the mix and one realises that it’s not going to be an easy ride to that early grave. It’s going to be an uncomfortable and unpleasant journey.

This grim picture can only change when our personal healthcare paradigm shifts and we take responsibility for our own bodies. We somehow feel disconnected from our physical being and that’s why we consult a healthcare professional when the warning light comes on, surprised by the negative change in our condition and oblivious to how we have been treating our bodies for years, sometimes decades.

Preventative Wellness should be a compulsory elementary education course – but this might only happen when the burden of NCDs is such that their management becomes totally unfeasible for governments to sustain. The good news: we are moving closer to this situation and it will be the innovators and free-thinkers that will provide the most realistic and practical solutions for societies.

In the meantime one should eat the most nutrient-rich foods one can grow or find and frequently participate in moderate exercise activities. You don’t have to become an Olympic athlete to tick the ‘exercise box.’ Simply working up a mild sweat a few times a week works wonders.

Without optimal blood circulation you cannot sustain good health no matter how perfect your diet and other lifestyle habits may be. Excellent blood circulation is the precursor to excellent health.

For the past ten years I have been actively promoting BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy. It significantly optimises blood circulation and immune system parameters (amongst other critical physiological mechanisms) within eight minutes of application, regardless of one’s condition. It is this technology that could play a significant role in shifting the global healthcare paradigm. Let’s see!

If you want to know more about BEMER and how it positively influences the health status of every single employee, reduces absenteeism and increases productivity then contact me to book a BEMER mini-workshop for you or your team.

The scientific evidence of BEMER’s efficacy is fascinating and the content of mypresentation is a refreshing break from the mainstream employee and personal wellness perspective. Give it a try. But be warned: paradigms can shift!

BEMER is registered as a Class 2A medical device and is licensed for sale by the South African Department of Health (549/7826). It is also officially represented in more than 40 countries with over 1 million applications every day. More than 6’000 individuals and healthcare professionals in South Africa own and use BEMER daily for NCDs, acute conditions, convalescence, peak-performance (sport) and preventative purposes.