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Diabetes – BEMER

Diabetes negatively affects the way your blood flows through the body. The consequences of impaired circulation are devastating and can be life-limiting or even fatal.

The most common diabetes complications are:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy (numbness or tingles in the hands and/or feet);
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers (non-healing wounds);
  • Amputation (surgical removal of extremities leading to disability);
  • Retinopathy (blindness);
  • Renal Failure (kidney failure);
  • Cardiovascular Disease (heart disease);
  • Erectile Dysfunction (reduced sexual performance);
  • Dementia (loss of brain function).

Avoid or effectively treat these conditions daily with BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy, in the comfort of your home.

Download this PDF to see the incredible South African results of BEMER therapy for success in limb salvage.

Rely on 17 years of clinical research.
Rely on BEMER.



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