How BEMER Works

Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin

BEMER has been scientifically proven to optimise several key physiological parameters in blood circulation that are vital for healthy cellular metabolism so that the body is more efficient at healing itself.

This means that whatever condition(s) or disease(s) you may have (arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, circulatory problems, kidney disease, liver disease, pulmonary disease, cancer, eczema, bone fractures, bone density problems, injuries, surgery, to name a just a few) BEMER will be your most effective and most reliable complementary therapy to positively influence your body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

BEMER does not heal or cure anything – it is not a drug or medicine. Your body knows how to heal itself but it first needs good microcirculation as a foundation for healthy cellular metabolism, only then can your body regenerate, self-regulate and self-heal.

The intensity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field varies from 25 to 65 microtesla depending on latitude. To make sense of the intensities of magnetic fields go to the Orders of Magnitude Page on Wikipedia.

BEMER makes use of a complex modulated direct-current broad-spectrum pulse of very low intensity (3.5-100 µT) (patented) with a patented frequency pattern that positively influences the electronic stability of ions in all living organisms.

BEMER stimulates the natural vasomotion of pre- and post-capillary bloody vessels in at least two distinct diameter ranges (120 microns and 50 microns). Blood viscosity is decreased due to disassembly of Rouleaux formation (coin-like stacking of erythrocytes) and the adhesive properties of ICAM-1 (a protein on the membranes of leukocytes) are improved by BEMER application.

Scientifically proven results after 30 days of continuous twice-daily treatments (8 minutes/day) on B.BODY module with intensity phase 3 (10.5µT):
  • 27% Improved vasomotion.
  • 29% Increase in open capillaries (reperfusion), hence blood flow.
  • 31% Increase in venular backstream.
  • 29% Improvement in oxygen extraction.
  • 21% ATP production increase.

Values documented by Dr med Rainer Klopp, Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin.

No drug or physical therapy available to us today can achieve these positive physiological changes without any side effects other than BEMER. Any healthcare professional understands the positive health implications of these physiological enhancements and how they improve the body’s self-healing and regulatory mechanisms.

74% of the blood vessels in our bodies are in the microcirculation and so it is imperative that it functions correctly to avoid the onset of cellular dysfunction, which ultimately leads to tissue or organ dysfunction where we observe symptoms of diseases.

BEMER is non-invasive and is registered with the relevant health regulatory authorities in more than 40 countries in which BEMER is officially represented.

Seek out therapies that allow the cells of the body to function as they should so that you address the underlying cause of disease and not the symptoms.

Watch this 5 minute introduction video on YouTube

Watch this detailed 16 minute explanation by Dr Rainer Klopp on YouTube, which includes intra-vital laser microscopy videos of changes in microcirculation due to BEMER application

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