Had a Stroke? Act Now!

If you’ve had a STROKE then act NOW.

A stroke is a cerebral event that is generally caused by impaired blood circulation (often hypertension or cardiovascular diseases) and blood abnormalities (blood-clotting).

The performance of all physiological processes in your body is directly related to the performance of blood circulation and more precisely, MICROCIRCULATION. Microcirculation comprises 74% of your blood circulatory system in the tiniest blood vessels, the capillaries, where oxygen, nutrients and metabolic waste is exchanged between organ tissue and blood.

If organ cells are starved of oxygen and nutrients they will certainly dysfunction due to increased acidity inside the cells and some may even stop metabolising entirely.

When a stroke has occurred it is imperative to restore the flow of blood to the capillaries as soon as possible.

BEMER is the world’s most researched (15 years) and most effective Physical Vascular Therapy currently available, restoring natural microcirculation and immune system parameters with no known side effects.

If you really want the best option to restore blood flow then BEMER is a proven solution. It does not interfere with any medication or therapy, in fact it complements any medical intervention (surgery, medication, etc) by encouraging the blood circulation system to work as it should. Watch these BEMER microcirculation videos.

If you are immobile and bedridden then BEMER will assist in the prevention of pressure sores (bedsores) or help your body heal itself if they are already present.

If your healthcare professionals think that BEMER is not going to help or is a pseudo-therapy then they are entirely mistaken and are misleading you.

BEMER is a veritable physical therapy that has been scientifically proven to optimise microcirculation parameters, quicker and safer than any other therapy currently available. It has been registered with the Department of Health and is licensed for sale (lic no: 549/7826).

When a healthcare professional dismisses BEMER then it is not because they have evidence of it not working. Do not be eluded by this approach. It is merely that they do not know what BEMER is and it is common for people to deny a product’s therapeutic value simply because they have never heard of it and/or do not understand how it works.

Please inform your healthcare professional that we are more than willing to educate him/her about the technology and that BEMER cannot do any harm whatsoever, as verified by the South African Department of Health.

BEMER is registered with the respective regulatory authorities in the countries in which it is officially represented of which there are more than forty.

Medical doctors in Europe are becoming more and more familiar with the technology and its proven therapeutic value. Many apply BEMER therapy daily to their patients in their medical practices. Some medical schools in Germany have included BEMER in their courses.

Make  decisions about your health (and those you love) based on facts and evidence and never be disillusioned by those that are threatened by change. Read more about how BEMER works and please call us if you want to know more.

More than 6’000 satisfied South Africans can’t be wrong and neither are the collective BEMER users across the globe that apply BEMER therapy 1 million times every day.

This is your chance to help your body heal itself.

Image courtesy of “Human Brain” by smokedsalmon

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