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Time to be Healthy

Time and Health are your most valuable resources.

Together time and health directly affect your capacity to complete your daily tasks, eat properly, exercise and relax. When the demands of your responsibilities keep you from tending to your well-being you need a safe, rapid, effective, convenient and cost-efficient therapy to rapidly optimise and regulate natural physiological processes so that your body and mind never let you down.

BEMER brings energy, vitality and peak-performance to your life.

When the cells of your body receive oxygen and nutrients they can produce an abundance of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) giving cells the ability to efficiently perform metabolic functions without creating an energy deficit, so your body is never fatigued. This gives the regular BEMER user an uncompromised mental and physical advantage at work, on the sportsfield, anywhere.


Home, Office, Car, Aeroplane, NGO, Hotel, Hospital, Clinic, Holiday, Sport. Now it’s easy to find the time to be healthy!

The best health investment you’ll ever make.

Dr med Rainer Klopp, director of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has conducted hundreds of repeatable and measurable studies proving BEMER’s claims that it optimises microcirculation and immune system parameters in under 8 minutes, regardless of any pathologies that were observed. His book, Mikrozirkulation (ISBN: 978-3-033-01464-0), documents these changes using the latest intra-vital laser microscopy, capturing them on video in real-time (www.youtube.com/BEMERinternationalAG).
The Highest court in the state of Berlin ruled that BEMER is the only Physical Vasular Regulation Therapy available that has scientifically verified its claims.

BEMER is the world’s most researched and most effective Physical Vascular Therapy.

It has been scientifically proven to dramatically optimise microcirculation and immune system activity so that your body’s cells receive adequate oxygen and nutrients for efficient cellular metabolism. When your cells metabolise properly your body will perform better, heal itself quicker and easily defend itself against disease.

Impaired microcirculation is the principle cause of the development of disease and illness, the deterioration of bone and organ function, premature ageing and decreased performance.

Make the best investment in your health today by buying your own BEMER Professional or Classic system. Send us your info by subscribing to our website so that you can join more than 6’000 South Africans and Get Well Now with BEMER.


Using BEMER daily gives your body consistent microcirculation  and immune system improvements so that your metabolism can start functioning properly again.

The B.BOX is thecontrol device that sends the BEMER signal to the module that you wish to apply to your body.


All you need is an 8 minute session on the B.BODY (full body mat) to dramatically enhance the microcirculation in your body.



After this session you can treat the rest of your body’s affected areas with either the B.PAD or B.SPOT for 8-20 minutes – these are intense treatments that further optimise the regeneration of cells in organs and bones.






bpad_application bspot_application







If you have any visible skin conditions (eczema, burns, sutures, acne, stings, bruises) that you wish to treat then the B.LIGHT is a very effective module to rapidly accelerate regeneration.









The BEMER Base Programme is the most effective way to maximise the physiological effects of BEMER application. It is a 4-week cycle that is repeated into perpetuity.

  • Week 1 – B.BODY – phase 3 (intensity level 3)
  • Week 2 – B.BODY – phase 4 (intensity level 4)
  • Week 3 – B.BODY – phase 5 (intensity level 5)
  • Week 4 – B.BODY – phase 6 (intensity level 6)
  • Week 5 – B.BODY – phase 3 (intensity level 3)
  • Week 6 – B.BODY – phase 4 (intensity level 4)
  • And so on…

Other modules can be used anywhere on the body preferably after the B.BODY session for best results, when using the B.BOX Classic.

Phase 10 (intensity level 10) on the B.BODY can be immediately applied after the Base Programme session to further optimise immune system activity and osteoblast (bone cell) proliferation for bone density.

Please call Stuart (083 412 0820) if you have any questions about BEMER application and programming. Just remember you can’t overdose on BEMER and you can never do an incorrectly programmed treatment because any exposure to BEMER will provide you with health benefits.

Have a look at the three BEMER models currently available.


Will BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy help you find relief from your arthritis?

BEMER’s direct influence on microcirculation provides the arthritis sufferer with rapid pain relief, because the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms are reinstated. Repair to damaged cartilage and related tissue is positively influenced by regular and sustained BEMER therapy. A BEMER user in Stellenbosch hired a system and wanted to return it after a month stating that he was not satisfied with the poor results. We urged him to continue for another month and within two weeks of his second month he called us again to say that he wanted to purchase his own system because he had not had such incredible relief (90%) in 20 years.

The body always responds positively to regular BEMER therapy: the cells of the body can only resume normal metabolic functions once they receive a continuous and adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. Only when they start metabolising correctly do they begin to perform their special functions and also repair tissue damage, should those cells still have a chance of recovering.

Did you know that arthritis is a group of joint inflammation conditions of which there are almost 100 different types?

Common types of arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Gout and pseudo-gout
Septic arthritis
Ankylosing spondylitis
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Still’s disease

Why do some of us get arthritis?

Arthritis Research UK contributes the onset of arthritis to two main cause groups:

  1. Genetics & Family Risks – to a small extent most forms of arthritis run in families. The way your body is made (based on the genes passed on from your parents) makes you more or less likely to develop the disease in question. and;
  2. Lifestyle & ‘Trigger’ Factors – arthritis can start suddenly without any obvious cause, and at any age. Sometimes something in your lifestyle or medical history, such as smoking, could increase your risk further if you’re already susceptible to the condition.

Like most chronic diseases of lifestyle, the body has simply been put under so much strain from having to cope with poor diet, lack of exercise, psychological stress and poor breathing that the cells of the body cannot adequately perform their normal functions, let alone repair any damage found in the joints.

This inefficient metabolic state hinders the body’s inherent ability to repair and maintain healthy organs. After a sustained period of poor lifestyle habits the organ(s) deteriorate(s) to such a degree that we experience symptoms of disease. The problem with seeking conventional healthcare advice is that, more often than not, we are prescribed medication to ease the discomfort of the symptoms without actually fixing the underlying cause of the disease, which is poor cellular metabolism (caused by impaired microcirculation!).

There is currently no cure for arthritis.

Medicine manages arthritis so that you can cope with the discomfort. Why not try BEMER and change your life? Give your body the best chance to heal itself, and stay healthy.

Arthritis is a degenerative condition like most lifestyle and autoimmune diseases. Pharmaceuticals are designed to manage specific types of arthritis so that the sufferer can cope with the condition, not recover from it.

BEMER is different because it influences the body’s natural microcirculation parameters so that the cells of the body can start to function as they should which ultimately encourages the body to self-regulate and self-heal.

Never accept that you must learn to live with a disease!

If you think have tried everything then just know that you still have a scientifically proven option to consider: BEMER. Make the most valuable health discovery of your life and try BEMER today in the comfort of your home.

Get your own BEMER System and we’ll teach you all there is to know about the technology and how it can be easily integrated into your life. Send us an email.

Hands image courtesy of www.freedigitalphtos.net, by Photokanok


If the condition of your health is worrying you before the New Year has even kicked off then you need to take action right away. Make 2014 the year you took control of your health and turned your life around in a way you never thought possible.

The deterioration of our health status can often be masked by medication that biochemically ‘hides’ symptoms of a progressive disease. What we often don’t realise is that millions of cells of an organ need to be in a state of dysfunction before symptoms start to appear and we seek medical advice.

We have grown up taking pills for all of our ailments and complaints and have not been educated well enough to ‘listen’ to our body’s cry for help when something goes wrong. Instead we surrender ourselves to healthcare professionals to diagnose and medicate us so that we can get well again. More often than not we simply don’t address the underlying cause of disease or illness because pills are  easier to take than implementing healthy lifestyle habits. And today some of us are so ill that even a mild exercise plan is not an option.

Simply put, the cells of your body first require the basic element of oxygen, in abundance, to metabolise. A simple test of holding your breath for as long as you can proves that breathing oxygen is the fundamental key to life, because within seconds of holding your breath the oxygen deficit increases exponentially.

If we aren’t allowing the cells of our bodies to receive adequate oxygen then they will not function as they should and so they will become acidic and eventually die. Cells also require nutrients and minerals to perform metabolic functions and so our diets play a critical role in the condition of our health.

The amazing results that BEMER achieves at cellular level have been scientifically proven, are measurable, repeatable and 100% safe. Dr Rainer Klopp who heads the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin has documented the profound physiological changes that take place in human blood parameters in under 8 minutes of BEMER exposure.

The reliability of BEMER is unsurpassed because it is a process governed by physics and so it influences the electronic stability of all ions (charged particles) in the body. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, lean and have diabetes; or obese with psoriasis & arthritis; or an Olympic athlete; or a skeptic that simply does not believe that this technology works; BEMER will always produce the following results:

•  27% faster vasomotion
•  29% increased vasodilation in capilliaries
•  31% improved venular backstream
•  29% better oxygen saturation
•  21% ATP production increase (tested in vitro)

It is safe to say that no other technology or medicine can produce these results without any side effects, in the comfort of your home, every time you use it.

This is the year to invest in your health and well-being because what is the point of continuing down the same path expecting your health to radically change course? We tend to spend so much money on luxuries, recreation and status whilst denying our bodies similar attention and investment!

Educate yourself about BEMER and take charge of your health today. Make the investment of a lifetime to start living life the way you did when you were younger and free of the conditions that are hindering the quality of your life.

Send me your contact details so that I can forward you more information. Remember to always ask for scientific proof and evidence that supports medical claims!

Why start this New Year with a precarious health outlook when you can rather have your own BEMER System and Get Well Now!? Make 2014 your year of good health.

BEMER and Your Body

Some healthcare professionals fail to grasp the physics and the subsequent effects that BEMER has on ions (charged atoms and molecules) in the body. The marked effects on these ions encourages positive changes in key physiological parameters that are vital for healthy cellular metabolism, particularly in the microcirculation

All that an electromagnetic field can do is influence the physical (electronic) stability of ions so that their behaviour is affected. A typical example of how and electromagnetic field influences ions is a simple FM radio receiver. The ions that comprise the antenna of the radio are physically/electronically affected by a specific wave and frequency structure that affects the properties of the current running through the antenna. The changes in current are then amplified by transistors so that you can hear sound through a loudspeaker (another device that relies on the physics of electromagnetic energy).

The ions in our bodies are similarly affected by magnetic, geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields all the time, some of which are good for us and some bad. BEMER was theoretically formulated by Prof Wolf Kafka, at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and then manufactured to make use of a complex modulated direct current electromagnetic pulse of very low intensity (3-100 µT – the intensity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field is between 35 and 65µT) with a broad frequency spectrum that positively influences the electronic stability of ions in all living organisms. BEMER International AG holds international patents for this special signal.

BEMER application has been scientifically verified on humans by Dr. med. Rainer Klopp (Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin), to consistently and measurably stimulate the natural vasomotion of pre- and post-capillary bloody vessels in at least two distinct diameter ranges (120 microns and 50 microns). Blood viscosity also decreases due to the dis-assembly of the Rouleaux formation, which is a coin-like stacking of erythrocytes (red blood cells). Dr. med. Klopp also refined the delivery rhythm (frequency) of BEMER which has also been patented, further enhancing the BEMER’s efficacy.


Intestinal microcirculation changes within 8 minutes of BEMER application – Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin.

Consider that the tiny rolling ball in the tip of a ballpoint pen is a sphere with a diameter of 1 millimeter and that between 3000 and 5000 capillaries are contained in the equivalent space of human tissue.

When microcirculation is impaired then the tissue cells within that tiny space do not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy cellular metabolism and nor do they get rid of the waste products that have been metabolized. The debate on the exact number of cells that comprise the average human continues but the latest I have accepted as a lay person is almost 40 trillion cells (Smithsonianmag.com article). It has also been estimated that the number of chemical reactions that take place inside a single human cell is 4 million events at any given moment.

The delicate biochemical pathways within each cell require adequate nutrients, elements and oxygen, which can only be supplied by the blood through the vast and intricate network of blood vessels (arteries, arterioles, capillaries, veins and venules). Unfortunately our lifestyles lead to unhealthy changes in our microcirulcation causing these biochemical pathways to be disrupted, ultimately resulting in chronic diseases for which we take medication, despite the steady decline of our quality of life.

BEMER encourages the microcirculation to function properly again (should there be no observed occlusions or unnatural obstructions) so that the cells can also do their special jobs of keeping us healthy, mobile and alive.

Watch this interesting 5 minute introduction video on YouTube

Watch this detailed 16 minute explanation by Dr Rainer Klopp on YouTube, which includes intra-vital laser microscopy videos of changes in microcirculation due to BEMER application