When Pills & Age Collide.

You may be super fit, totally unfit, immobile or moderately healthy. You may even have a chronic or infectious disease.

But how do you effectively and safely enhance your quality of life and performance, regardless of your health status?

Chronic diseases.

Most of our clients have suffered from one or more chronic diseases of lifestyle. It’s an international trend to see more and more people of a younger age present symptoms of chronic diseases. These are no longer considered to be age-related diseases but rather diseases that are related to sustained unfavourable lifestyle habits and activities: poor diet, lack of movement, social and work stress and substance abuse (including alcohol and smoking).

If you have experienced some type of pro-longed discomfort or physiological dysfunction then you will probably have received a chronic medicine prescription from your healthcare practitioner. You will almost certainly be taking this medication for the rest of your life.

Sorry, but let’s face the facts.

Generally, the underlying cause of a chronic disease cannot been remedied by medication. It is the symptoms of the disease that are managed by drugs. This means that despite taking medication every day for the rest of your life, your diagnosed condition and related complications will not go away. More often than not, your health will still deteriorate over time, unless you take drastic action.

Of course, you can get well again. You can change your lifestyle and become more health conscious, start exercising and relax more often. But how many of us will actually do this?

Some wonderful news.

Science advances at a such rate that new technologies and therapies are presented to us daily as alternatives to drugs. The frustrating thing about a lot of them is that they don’t substantiate their medical claims with scientific facts or evidence.

This is why individuals, families, business executives and sports people rely on BEMER® every single day.

They rely on 17 years of international research.


The efficacy of BEMER® has been scientifically proven to effectively enhance the body’s intricate and delicate self-regulatory mechanisms, predominantly observed in the microcirculation.

The microcirculation is where the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and metabolic waste takes place, between your blood and all the cells of your body. Where you find impaired microcirculation function you will certainly find the onset or prevalence of disease.

Before you continue your day obsessing that your health is only going to get worse over time, you should rather spend that energy learning about BEMER®.

It is fascinating. And we will only give you the scientific facts.

BEMER® is available in 40 countries and more than 6’500 families and healthcare practitioners in South Africa apply it daily. It carries the CE & ISO certifications for medical devices verifying quality, safety and medical efficacy. It is also registered with the SA Department of Health and is licensed for sale (549/7826). LEARN MORE.

Make the best health decision you’ve ever made because being healthy is not a luxury.

It’s an absolute necessity.

You can safely and effectively use BEMER® every day to:
  • optimise and maintain excellent heath;
  • find measured lasting relief or possibly experience full recovery from a chronic disease;
  • rapidly recover from surgery, trauma, bone fractures, burns, non-healing wounds;
  • enhance your performance for sport and work.

BEMER® is not a substitute for medicine and you are urged to continue with your prescription until such time as your registered healthcare practitioner advises you otherwise.

We will include a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure monitor when you purchase a new BEMER® Classic System or BEMER® Professional System through Get Well Now.

The three BEMER® Systems are subject to the EUR/ZAR exchange rate and could change without notice. The prices include VAT, couriered delivery and a 3-year factory warranty.

Watch this video: WHAT IS BEMER?

And this one: BEMER Explained.

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