BEMER Vet System

BEMER Vet System

The New BEMER Veterinary Line replaces the popular BEMER Vet System. You can read about it here and still purchase the system in South Africa from Get Well Now SA.

BEMER Veterinary Line costs R69’900 including VAT, delivery and a 2-year factory warranty.

The BEMER Vet System is a popular technology in the South African equestrian fraternity. Horse-owners, riders and vets know that nothing compares to the BEMER Vet’s efficacy and reliability.

Your horse’s performance is greatly enhanced by regular BEMER Vet Therapy:

  1. Daily general maintenance;
  2. Wound-healing and injury therapy;
  3. Performance enhancement (warm-up);
  4. Transit anxiety support;
  5. Optimised recovery after exercise; and
  6. Disease or surgical convalescence.

It is no secret that BEMER is the trusted advantage for all equestrian disciplines.

The BEMER Vet System is also used by veterinary surgeons at their practices to help animals recover quickly from disease or surgery.


We’ll provide you with ongoing support and application guidelines.

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