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When you purchase your new BEMER System from Get Well Now, you will also receive two monitoring devices for FREE to measure vital indicators that are positively influenced by daily BEMER application:


Pulse Oximeter

This measures the percentage of maximum oxygen that is available in your body. When this value is below 95% it is often a sign that the blood circulation system is not functioning correctly and that the body is being starved of life-giving oxygen.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls. If blood vessels cannot rhythmically change diameter (vasomotion) then it is a sign that the body is struggling to cope with excessive metabolic demand and your health is at risk.

Current BEMER Prices in South African Rands (ZAR):
  • BEMER Professional System – R69’900
  • BEMER Classic System – R49’900
  • BEMER Veterinary Line System – R69’900

Prices are subject to the EUR/ZAR exchange rate on a bi-weekly basis and include VAT, Delivery and a 3-Year Factory Warranty (B.BODY module only has 2-year warranty).

1. Understand how BEMER works

The most important aspect of BEMER is understanding how it works and how it positively influences the most critical physiological mechanisms in your body. We can meet you at your home or office to discuss the technology and show you all the evidence.

We have a vast repository of official BEMER information for you to scrutinise. All your questions will be answered with scientific facts. We will do the same for your doctor or healthcare professional at your request.

There are several BEMER Systems & additional modules available so we need to assess your requirements according to your situation and environment before you buy a BEMER System.

2. Ordering your new BEMER System

Place an official order with BEMER South Africa order (on and select the System and additional modules you wish to add to your order.

IMPORTANT: If you would like the FREE extras from Get Well Now then you MUST enter the following into the BEMER Business Partner Field:

The following recommendations add value to your BEMER applications and experience:
  •  If you purchase the Classic or Professional System it is convenient and beneficial to purchase an additional B.BODY module. This will allow a second person (your partner or additional client/employee) to be treated simultaneously during the day and at night, during the sleep programme.

Once we have received proof of payment we will submit the order to BEMER Africa and ensure that you are allocated a system. The new system will be couriered to your preferred South African address within three working days. Should you reside in a southern African country or in the U.S.A, United Kingdom or Canada then we will send you quotes for your consideration.

4. Installing your new BEMER System

We will meet you to unpack the new system, install it and then guide you through the application and programming techniques. The interface is easy and intuitive. If you are not in Gauteng then we will be able to do this with ease over the phone or through Skype .

5. Programming and application

We will provide you with a 4-week programme that allows you to achieve the best results from your new BEMER System. We will always be available to assist you with operating the system.

6. Warranty and repairs

All new human BEMER Systems have a 3-year (B.BODY only 2-year) factory warranty from the date of delivery. Should any factory faults present themselves we will personally manage the replacement of faulty equipment. Accidental damage to equipment will be for your account – we will manage the replacement process on your behalf. It is recommended that you insure your system against theft and accidental damage.

7. Group-purchase discounts

If you and your colleagues, friends, clients or family members purchase 5 or more systems from me within the same calendar week then we will request a discount on the full purchase prices of the new systems on your behalf.

Please contact us to schedule a private or group demonstration – we are available from 6am-10pm, Monday to Saturday.

Call: +27 (0)83-412-0820


Skype: stuartvt

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