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Hypertension – High Blood Pressure

Hypertension and BEMER

Read this article on the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa website to understand what causes this potentially life-threatening condition and what you can do to remedy it by replacing old habits with new ones.

If you suffer from pre-hypertension or hypertension and fail to address it as soon as it has been diagnosed then you will certainly experience severe health problems in the future.

More often than not a medical doctor will prescribe for you a chronic medication (with known and unknown side effects) to relieve you of the symptoms of hypertension without actually managing the cause. Recommending that you change your dietary habits, start exercising and reduce tension can sometimes seem too drastic a measure or simply not feasible due to lifestyle, lack of mobility, time, money and access.

Let BEMER help you straight away.

BEMER is the world’s most effective Physical Vascular Therapy. It positively influences blood circulation functions and ultimately your blood pressure. Whether it’s high or low blood pressure BEMER encourages self-regulation by physically and non-invasively influencing the vasomotion of pre- and post-capillary blood vessels. Capillaries are your tiniest blood vessels that comprise 74% of all your blood vessels. Vasomotion is the rhythmic change in the diameter of  arterioles and venules that force blood into and out of capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels that do not have muscle cells in the blood vessel walls).

Capillaries form the interface between all living cells in your body and your blood. This is where oxygen and nutrients are delivered to cells so that they can metabolise correctly and perform their special functions. This interface is also responsible for carrying away metabolic waste.

Lifestyle lets us down.

The biochemical and physiological processes that control vasomotion are extremely complex. As we get older we tend neglect our body’s health needs and so the normal vasomotion rhythm tends to slow down considerably, negatively impacting on the performance of blood circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.

Just ask for proof.

Scientific evidence of the positive influence of BEMER on vasomotion has been verified at the Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin. Dr Rainer Klopp, who heads the facility, has documented his findings in his book Mikrozirulation (ISBN: 978-3-033-01464-0).

It appears that no other technology or drug available at the time of this post can make these changes to your vasomotion, reperfuse capillaries, disassemble red blood cell aggregation, increase ATP production and optimise the rolling action of white blood cells in under 8 minutes with no known side effects. BEMER does this every time regardless of your age, gender, race, weight, morbidity, mobility, diet or stress levels.

Never give up learning more about how your body works and what it needs to function properly.

Save yourself from the potential harm that is caused by hypertension (high blood pressure) by acquiring a BEMER System for daily home or office use and GET WELL NOW.

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BEMER and Your Body

Some healthcare professionals fail to grasp the physics and the subsequent effects that BEMER has on ions (charged atoms and molecules) in the body. The marked effects on these ions encourages positive changes in key physiological parameters that are vital for healthy cellular metabolism, particularly in the microcirculation

All that an electromagnetic field can do is influence the physical (electronic) stability of ions so that their behaviour is affected. A typical example of how and electromagnetic field influences ions is a simple FM radio receiver. The ions that comprise the antenna of the radio are physically/electronically affected by a specific wave and frequency structure that affects the properties of the current running through the antenna. The changes in current are then amplified by transistors so that you can hear sound through a loudspeaker (another device that relies on the physics of electromagnetic energy).

The ions in our bodies are similarly affected by magnetic, geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields all the time, some of which are good for us and some bad. BEMER was theoretically formulated by Prof Wolf Kafka, at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and then manufactured to make use of a complex modulated direct current electromagnetic pulse of very low intensity (3-100 µT – the intensity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field is between 35 and 65µT) with a broad frequency spectrum that positively influences the electronic stability of ions in all living organisms. BEMER International AG holds international patents for this special signal.

BEMER application has been scientifically verified on humans by Dr. med. Rainer Klopp (Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin), to consistently and measurably stimulate the natural vasomotion of pre- and post-capillary bloody vessels in at least two distinct diameter ranges (120 microns and 50 microns). Blood viscosity also decreases due to the dis-assembly of the Rouleaux formation, which is a coin-like stacking of erythrocytes (red blood cells). Dr. med. Klopp also refined the delivery rhythm (frequency) of BEMER which has also been patented, further enhancing the BEMER’s efficacy.


Intestinal microcirculation changes within 8 minutes of BEMER application – Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin.

Consider that the tiny rolling ball in the tip of a ballpoint pen is a sphere with a diameter of 1 millimeter and that between 3000 and 5000 capillaries are contained in the equivalent space of human tissue.

When microcirculation is impaired then the tissue cells within that tiny space do not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy cellular metabolism and nor do they get rid of the waste products that have been metabolized. The debate on the exact number of cells that comprise the average human continues but the latest I have accepted as a lay person is almost 40 trillion cells ( article). It has also been estimated that the number of chemical reactions that take place inside a single human cell is 4 million events at any given moment.

The delicate biochemical pathways within each cell require adequate nutrients, elements and oxygen, which can only be supplied by the blood through the vast and intricate network of blood vessels (arteries, arterioles, capillaries, veins and venules). Unfortunately our lifestyles lead to unhealthy changes in our microcirulcation causing these biochemical pathways to be disrupted, ultimately resulting in chronic diseases for which we take medication, despite the steady decline of our quality of life.

BEMER encourages the microcirculation to function properly again (should there be no observed occlusions or unnatural obstructions) so that the cells can also do their special jobs of keeping us healthy, mobile and alive.

Watch this interesting 5 minute introduction video on YouTube

Watch this detailed 16 minute explanation by Dr Rainer Klopp on YouTube, which includes intra-vital laser microscopy videos of changes in microcirculation due to BEMER application