BEMER Woodhill Residential Estate

Get Well Now at Woodhill Residential Estate

Woodhill Residential Estate.

Friday 26 February 2016

Get Well Now sponsored the Woodhill Residents’ Evening along with a BEMER exhibition and technology demonstration.

A fair number of residents and golf members were subjected to an initial oxygen saturation (SpO2) test followed by an 8 minute BEMER application on phase 4 (intensity 4) on the B.BODY module.

Each user’s SpO2 was again checked immediately after the 8 minute treatment and again at 15 minutes after the last SpO2 assessment. A portable pulse oximeter was used to check the SpO2 percentage.

Every user experienced an increase in SpO2 after the 8 minute BEMER treatment. The most significant change that was recorded was from an obese teenager whose initial SpO2 was 91%. This increased to 99% after an 8 minute BEMER application. We were all quite surprised by the changes. He said that he experienced tingles on his forehead, arms and soles of his feet during the application. This was quite a dramatic effect!

About 300 Woodhill residents attended the lucky draw which takes place every month for residents only. We were given a chance to briefly explain the incredible science of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy and encourage residents to try BEMER for 8 minutes.

Several residents already own a BEMER System, some for many years already. This is testament to the tanglible and proven benefits of BEMER.

We will be visiting more Gauteng residential estates this year to educate residents about the scientifically proven health benefits of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy.

Nothing is more important than one’s quality of life, which is ultimately determined by the condition of one’s health.

If you would like us to visit your residential estate or retirement village for BEMER education and demonstration purposes then please call us on 083-412-0820 to make a booking.

The Woodhill Residential Estate Golf Course is one of the finest in Gauteng. Remember you can play golf in Pretoria almost 365 days a year! The weather is always fantastic!

Thank you so much to Ms Sarita Stonehouse, Marketing, Brand and Event Manager at Woodhill, for her professional service and advice.

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