Published Evidence

This collection of published BEMER evidence is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you wish to receive a data DVD by post that includes a complete volume of BEMER trials, evaluations and studies.

De Gruyter – Journal of Complementary Medicine – BEMER Comparison Study – 2013 (pages S49-S46)

Rainer Christain Klopp, Wolfgang Niemer, Wolfgang Schmidt

Effects of various physical treatment methods on arteriolar vasomotion and microhemodynamic functional characteristics in case of deficient regulation of organ blood flow. Results of a placebo-controlled, double-blind study.

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy from the Point of View of International Researchers and Clinicians.

A compilation of abstracts presented at symposiums and conferences across the globe.

Areas of medicine include: opthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology, cancers, diabetology, endocrinology, vascular diseases, infectious diseases, pacemakers, oncology, polyneuropathies, neurosurgery, multiple sclerosis, stroke, orthopedics,  microcirculation, heart rate variability, erythrocyte metabolism, spectral analyses, rehabilitation, rheumatology, pregnancy, sports medicine, sports traumatology, traumatology, dentistry, veterinary medicine.

Mikrozirkulation (En) – Dr med Rainer Klopp

The translated version of the section in Dr med Rainer Klopp’s book that documents his BEMER-related scientific evaluations.

This is the most compelling volume of scientific evidence of BEMER’s physiological effects observed and recorded at the Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin.

Journal of Complementary Medicine – Full version

Please email us a request to receive the 20MB document.

The 2013 issue of this journal contains in-depth clinical trials and evaluations relating to BEMER.

BEMER Superiority

Compiled by BEMER International AG.

A summary of BEMER technology and an evaluation of its efficacy in comparison to other pulsed electromagnetic therapy products.

Compilation of Papers – National Library of Medicine

Compiled by Prof Dietmar Winzker (Innomed Africa – BEMER Africa)

Clinical trials and evaluations of low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields on various pathologies.

Note to skeptics.

Whether or not you are a skeptic, BEMER works.

BEMER is a thriving and growing business in 40 countries because the technology is supported by scientific facts. Every day it is gaining further acceptance by medical associations, universities, healthcare agencies and professionals across the globe. Please read all the evidence. It is available to you on this website and throughout the Internet.

These certifications verify that BEMER is not a scam: CE MarkingISO 13485 Certification.

An example of misinformed opinion is Dr Gregory Weir’s public statement, on, that BEMER has insufficient evidence to support its claims, warning wound care practitioners that it is not a veritable vascular therapy. Please be advised that this statement is not a scientific statement but only an opinion and it is quite clear that Dr Weir has not read the volume of evidence that is publicly available nor has he invited BEMER Africa to produce it for his perusal.

Another misinformed and ambush-marketing website is the one published by Mr Bryant Myers. Mr Myers is an MRS 2000 agent in the USA. He has compiled a single-page website, without contact information, that contains deliberately flawed information about BEMER 3000 to which BEMER International AG has publicly responded here.

The High Court in the State of Berlin, Germany, ruled on January 30, 2009, that BEMER is the only EMF device that has evidence to support its medical claims and that BEMER has been scientifically proven to positively influence the regular BEMER user’s health. Legal number 52O286107. BEMER is no longer considered to be an EMF (electromagnetic field device) but is now recognised as the world’s only Physical Vascular Therapy medical device currently available.

The evidence is crystal clear and it would be ethical of skeptics to publicly retract false statements and opinion and concede that the evidence is indeed sufficient to show that BEMER is a proven vascular therapy device.

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