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Reclaim your well-being with BEMER.

BEMER is a ‘no nonsense’ Physical Vascular Therapy that effectively optimises several crucial physiological processes in your body in under eight minutes.

It is the only Physical Vascular Therapy currently available that has been scientifically proven to opitimise microcirculation parameters in under eight minutes, with no known side effects.

So what does this mean?

This means that when you are exposed to BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy the smallest blood vessels in your body (micro-vessels or capillaries) are more efficient at carrying oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the cells that comprise all the organs of your body.

When the cells of your body do not receive and adequate and consistent supply of oxygen and nutrients then they become acidic and begin to dysfunction. After a sustained period of not receiving adequate oxygen and nutrients one starts to experience symptoms of a lifestyle/chronic disease that seems impossible to shake.

So how can BEMER change your life?

It can change your life by influencing how your blood flows through your body. Every living cell in your body needs the right ingredients to perform very specific functions so that your body can efficiently heal itself.

Your body knows exactly how to function and heal itself but it needs an efficient microcirculation system to deliver blood to all the cells of the body. The body’s metabolic functions are totally reliant on the adequate supply of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to all cells of the body.

Why don’t doctors know about BEMER?

Many doctors do know about BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy and they use it to effectively treat their patients in their consulting rooms. Many of their patients are so impressed by the life-changing results that they buy their own systems to use daily in their own homes.

There are also some doctors that are not familiar with BEMER technology and so they unfairly dismiss BEMER’s health benefits. Always ask for proof when trying something new. BEMER has been rigorously evaluated and we will gladly produce the scientific reports that support BEMER’s medical claims.

We’ll also educate your doctor about BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy should you wish us to do this on your behalf.

When your body is battling to cope with life’s demands and you begin to experience the symptoms of what could become a chronic disease then you should give BEMER a chance. The benefits are unavoidable!

Contact us for a demonstration or for more info and pricing.

Weleda Pharmacy Bryanston

Weleda Pharmacy Bryanston offers BEMER therapy.

If you live or work in the Bryanston area make sure you visit Weleda Pharmacy Bryanston and start using the BEMER system regularly.

It doesn’t matter what chronic diseases you have; if you’ve just injured yourself; or if you only have flu, BEMER will gently, safely and naturally optimise crucial physiological processes in your body so that it can heal itself.

We recommend that you apply the therapy for a minimum of 8 minutes at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 10 treatments. Optimum results are achieved from twice-daily treatments at home but this is a convenient way to evaluate the benefits for yourself without buying your own BEMER System upfront.

It is interesting to check your Oxygen Saturation Level (SpO2) and your Blood Pressure before and after each session. This way you will be able to see the metrics of the influence of BEMER on your physiology.

Remember BEMER is licensed for sale by the South African Department of Health (549/7826).

Want to know how it works? Read this post.

More than 6000 private individuals and healthcare professionals in South Africa use their own BEMER systems daily.

You too can start tomorrow at Weleda Pharmacy Bryanston!

Ratang Bana

Ratang Bana, Alexandra, Sandton, South Africa

Ingrid Moloi is a passionate community leader who focuses on the upliftment of children affected by HIV/AIDS. She founded Ratang Bana in 2007 and continues to direct and operate her organisation in the heart of ‘Alex.’

Ratang Bana’s objective is to respond to the socio-economic and healthcare challenges of its immediate community. Alexandra is typical of African township culture.

Its residents are very poor: most receive social grants and they do not enjoy adequate resources and services such as education, healthcare, sanitation, housing and security.

I was very fortunate to meet Jane Simmonds at the launch of the Redhill Foundation (Redhill School’s bursary programme for under-privileged scholars) on 12 June 2014, where the guest  speaker was Advocate Thuli Madonsela (recently polled as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people of 2014 – Time Magazine). Jane mentioned that she was currently involved with Ratang Bana as part of her thesis for her Master’s in Public Health. I was instantly intrigued as the organisation could potentially offer its beneficiaries free BEMER treatments, similar to our BEMER programme in the Marico, North West Province.

Meeting Ingrid Moloi

I met Ingrid the following week at which time I explained to her the technology, explained the health benefits and then showed her interviews of two BEMER users in Pella.

We both agreed that I would place a BEMER System at Ratang Bana for her to provide complementary health support to Ratang Bana’s selected beneficiaries.

Ingrid gave me a summary of her life’s journey and the reasons for founding Ratang Bana. She is an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to spending more time with her, the Ratang Bana staff and volunteers and, of course, the organisation’s beneficiaries.

On 3 July 2014 I delivered, installed and demonstrated the BEMER system and therapy programme on 3 July 2014. My good friend Owen Dell,who is a a respected local and international cinematographer,  captured video of this so that we can add the content to a future documentary about BEMER and its impact on underprivileged African communities.

We are very excited to watch how this technology will add to the quality of life of the Ratang Bana beneficiaries – similar to what’s happening in Pella. We caught on film Ingrid’s story and her determination to make the lives of her community members easier and more fulfilling. Most of these people are living in abject poverty and the HIV+ figures are astounding. Apparently Alexandra healthcare services and facilities are entirely inadequate and unreliable: general chronic medication is not always in stock at state run healthcare facilities and outpatient doctors are not on duty every day of the week, as one would expect.

This setting is ideal for demonstrating the simplicity, cost-efficiency and social value of placing a BEMER system in a poor, under-resourced community that is bearing the brunt of Africa’s most burdensome communicable (infectious) and non-communicable (lifestyle-related) diseases.

Subscribe to our website to follow the Ratang Bana BEMER story as it unfolds. If you wish to make a much needed donation to Ratang Bana or wish to assist Ingrid by volunteering your time to her activities then please contact Ingrid directly on 084-452-0384.

BEMER in the Marico – June 2014 Report

BEMER in the Marico – a health and social impact programme

After having placed 9 BEMER Systems at selected stations in the Marico region in February 2014 we (Stuart and Richard) returned in June 2014 to assess the impact of this informal BEMER programme.

Tuesday, 10 June – Pella

Tumi  runs established development and community projects from her property in Pella, North West Province, South Africa. She runs a nursery school with intermittent and unreliable funding from limited sources. Two German volunteers are placed at this project to assist Tumi for twelve months after which they are replaced by the next two volunteers.

We approached Tumi in December 2014 to explain BEMER technology to her and explore whether or not she would be interested in adding BEMER therapy to her facilities. Pella residents would be able to use the BEMER Systems free of charge and experience life-changing health benefits.

We arrived there on Tuesday at 11am to catch up with Tumi and get some feed back directly from the community members that have been using BEMER since February 2014.

Check out these videos to hear what they had to say about their individual BEMER experiences so far:

A couple of the younger HIV BEMER users were not so keen to discuss their results as the disease carries a  burdensome stigma that is harboured by massive emotional insecurities. I have to say though that they all looked very healthy to me and were in good spirits. They all attend their bi-weekly BEMER sessions without fail!

We discussed with Tumi the possibility of expanding the BEMER capacity by adding another three systems to the programme and lobbying for an additional two German volunteers to operate the ‘centre.’

Critical to the success of this programme is the active participation of the provincial department of health and the North West University, specifically its Hypertension Research Programme (HART) and its Mitochondrial Research Programme. We will present our plan to the NWU and publish the outcomes on this website.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 10-11 June 2014, Groot Marico

We visited Santa, Jolene and Jen to learn about the life-changes that have been experienced by the locals that have been using BEMER since February.

It is clear that there is an overwhelming indication that the majority of people that use BEMER have experienced positive health benefits.

We would love to post this video now but the sound quality is terrible and spoils it. We will see what we can do do to enhance the quality of the audio and then post it.

The BEMER Marico programme continues.

There is something very exciting happening in this corner of the world. A poor community is experiencing tangible health benefits from regular BEMER use, regardless of their conditions.

We will continue to post developments on this website in the coming weeks.

BEMER Health and Social Impact Programme

BEMER in the Marico, North West Province

During February 2014 we placed 11 BEMER Systems at various community ‘stations’ in the Marico district to informally evaluate the impact that this technology can have on individuals in poor and remote rural locations in South Africa.

The provincial department of health faces challenges in delivering complete healthcare services to rural communities.

We will visit the various stations on Tuesday 10 June to see how regular BEMER treatments have changed the lives of those in need of lifestyle/medical interventions. We placed the BEMER Systems in these communities so that they may find relief and/or recovery from their chronic ailments or diseases.

We hope to capture some video interviews with these people and post them on YouTube.

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The reality of Stroke

Understand what has happened in the brain, how it can be remedied and, more importantly, how it can be avoided.

There are two types of stroke:

Ischaemic Stroke

This is caused by a blockage (often a blood clot) of a blood vessel in the brain, depriving brain tissue of oxygen and causing brain cells to die within minutes.

Haemorrhagic Stroke

This is caused by the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, causing extensive bleeding, again depriving brain tissue of oxygen, the affected cells also dying within minutes of the event.

Both types of stroke can cause brain damage, paralysis, indefinite coma or death. Immediately after a cerebral event of this nature, surgery can prove beneficial. It is very common for stroke survivors to enter into a rehabilitation programme so that they may regain mobility, speech and the functioning of senses, or learn to cope without one or more of their faculties should they be unresponsive to rehabilitation techniques.

Impaired Macro- and Microcirculation

The tiniest blood vessels (capillaries) are the most critical part of our blood circulation system as they feed organ tissues with life-giving oxygen and nutirents.

When capillaries have been damaged or have been obstructed from receiving blood then the cells in the vicinity of the affected capillaries begin to dysfunction and could eventually die (should blood flow not be rapidly re-established).

Conventional medical responses to stroke include surgery and pharmaceuticals:


Surgery can be very successful or prove fruitless, due to the nature and location of the stroke in the brain and the time taken to respond to the cerebral event. Neurosurgeons in South Africa are world-class and are extremely experienced with stroke complications.


Medication can only be delivered by the blood and if the vessels that carry the blood are not functioning properly then there is a strong probability that medication may not even be delivered to the affected area. Aspirin and similar drugs are often a first-line response to stroke.

Are there other options?

Of course there are. More often than not we Google a health condition even before we consult with a physician unless the situation is a life-threatening emergency.

In the case of stroke the conventional approaches to prevention, cure and rehabilitation generally lie in the hands of the western medical fraternity.

When we realise that conventional medicine has not provided us with the degree of recovery we were expecting we eventually look for something else, for example: alternative and complementary therapies, ancient plant remedies and energy healing. We’ll eventually ‘try anything’ to regain quality of life.

This is tricky territory because even though effective options are genuinely rehabilitative there are still some people out there that are prepared to scam you, especially when you are vulnerable. Just be aware and investigate the therapy thoroughly before committing yourself to anything.

Energy makes everything work.

When dealing with the physiology of the human organism there are several things to consider and explore.

The body is a physical system that is governed by the universal physical principles of matter – something that still puzzles us but in which we are investing vast amounts of money to discover the absolute truth (Large Hadron Collider).

Matter behaves in certain ways because of energy forces that have so far been defined by our most revered physicists and scientists. What we do know for certain is that energy, in its various forms, controls the behaviour of matter across the entire universe.

Cell Membrane Potential

The charged particles (ions) that comprise your entire body are governed by these forces and everything is designed to function perfectly. When we interfere with this amazing ballet of physics, by eating poorly, not exercising enough and indulging in toxic chemicals (smoking, etc), the matter in our body struggles to perform as well as it used to: according to the issued instructions of our DNA. This is when we start to see symptoms of chronic diseases of lifestyle.

It is a known fact that every living cell’s membrane has an electrical potential of between -40mV to -90mV. This potential initiates and manages ion transfer in and out of the cell. The interior and exterior voltages of the cell membrane are governed by the metabolic requirements of each individual cell, changing the potential according to what specific nutrients are required in the cell and what waste products must removed. It is very complex but incredibly fascinating!

When the cells require oxygen and nutrients but cannot receive them because the microcirculation is not functioning properly the cell becomes acidic and then dysfunctions (doesn’t metabolise correctly). The cell will continue to dysfunction and may eventually die if it does not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients.

So are there therapies that help re-establish impaired microcirculation?

Yes, there are several therapies that can do this and the most common ones are:

  • Physiotherapy & Massage
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Laser Therapy
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

The most researched (15 years) and most effective of these is BEMER. It emits a special patented signal that has been proven to optimise microcirculation and immune system parameters:

  • in under eight minutes;
  • with no known side effects;
  • in the comfort of your home; and
  • every time you use it.

 How can BEMER help with Stroke?

  • It can prevent stroke by regularly ensuring that microcirculation in the brain is optimised.
  • It can assist in re-establishing blood flow (macro- and microcirculation) where the blood vessels and cells of the affected area of the brain have a chance of recovering.
  • It can provide complementary support to the stroke victim that has lost mobility and prevent bed sores, muscle atrophy etc.

At this stage you have nothing to lose, only everything to gain.

Many of our stroke customers have experienced incredible results even after more than a year of having a cerebral accident. Some have begun swallowing again, speaking and walking.

When you think you’ve tried it all  just know that you still have a scientifically verified technology as a safe and effective option – BEMER.

BEMER is registered with the South African Department of Health (Reg no: 549/7826) ensuring its safety. BEMER is also represented in over 40 countries and is used by doctors, top sports people (Roger Federer, Sharks Rugby Team) and private individuals.

With all the research behind it and the knowledge that there are 6000+ happy South African BEMER owners you can rest assured that the physiological benefits are not just smoke and mirrors but the result of ongoing international scientific research and clinical evaluations.

BEMER is 100% safe and scientifically proven to optimise microcirculation. You just have to use it daily for between 6-8 weeks to know that this was the solution you’ve needed all along.

Send us an enquiry now and we will forward you more information so that you can make an informed decision. Always ask for proof!


Image by David Castillo Dominici – www.freedigitalphotos.net

Melrose Park Pharmacy & BEMER

Melrose Park Pharmacy now has a BEMER system that only selected loyal customers may use on  a regular basis to optimise microcirculation parameters, greatly increasing their chances of regaining an acceptable quality of life and recovering from chronic diseases of lifestyle.

Charlie Cawood, owner-manager of Melrose Park Pharmacy in Johannesburg, knows that medicines may only provide limited relief from chronic diseases of lifestyle. Many of his patients have been managing diseases like arthritis and diabetes with no hope of recovery, some for more than a decade.

BEMER addresses the underlying cause of chronic diseases, which is always attributed to impaired microcirculation. This is caused by an unfavourable diet, little or no exercise, and other environmental and social factors that negatively affect health.

If you are one of Melrose Park Pharmacy’s loyal customers and want to experience BEMER and its scientifically proven effects then please send us an email and we’ll gladly refer you to Charlie Cawood.

All website enquiries related to this post will be screened by Get Well Now SA to ensure that only Melrose Park Pharmacy’s regular customers are legible to use the BEMER System at Melrose Park Pharmacy. Melrose Park Pharmacy will only consider enquiries after they have been screened by Get Well Now SA.

Time to be Healthy

Time and Health are your most valuable resources.

Together time and health directly affect your capacity to complete your daily tasks, eat properly, exercise and relax. When the demands of your responsibilities keep you from tending to your well-being you need a safe, rapid, effective, convenient and cost-efficient therapy to rapidly optimise and regulate natural physiological processes so that your body and mind never let you down.

BEMER brings energy, vitality and peak-performance to your life.

When the cells of your body receive oxygen and nutrients they can produce an abundance of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) giving cells the ability to efficiently perform metabolic functions without creating an energy deficit, so your body is never fatigued. This gives the regular BEMER user an uncompromised mental and physical advantage at work, on the sportsfield, anywhere.


Home, Office, Car, Aeroplane, NGO, Hotel, Hospital, Clinic, Holiday, Sport. Now it’s easy to find the time to be healthy!

The best health investment you’ll ever make.

Dr med Rainer Klopp, director of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has conducted hundreds of repeatable and measurable studies proving BEMER’s claims that it optimises microcirculation and immune system parameters in under 8 minutes, regardless of any pathologies that were observed. His book, Mikrozirkulation (ISBN: 978-3-033-01464-0), documents these changes using the latest intra-vital laser microscopy, capturing them on video in real-time (www.youtube.com/BEMERinternationalAG).
The Highest court in the state of Berlin ruled that BEMER is the only Physical Vasular Regulation Therapy available that has scientifically verified its claims.

BEMER is the world’s most researched and most effective Physical Vascular Therapy.

It has been scientifically proven to dramatically optimise microcirculation and immune system activity so that your body’s cells receive adequate oxygen and nutrients for efficient cellular metabolism. When your cells metabolise properly your body will perform better, heal itself quicker and easily defend itself against disease.

Impaired microcirculation is the principle cause of the development of disease and illness, the deterioration of bone and organ function, premature ageing and decreased performance.

Make the best investment in your health today by buying your own BEMER Professional or Classic system. Send us your info by subscribing to our website so that you can join more than 6’000 South Africans and Get Well Now with BEMER.

Cooperation between NASA and BEMER


This is a high degree of recognition and underlines BEMER technology’s widespread acceptance: As part of a research and development project, NASA has chosen BEMER as a cooperation partner for the development of new space suits at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. This joint venture paves the way for the integration of BEMER technology into manned space flight.

News Item on BEMER Group website



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