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Get Well Now! It’s easier than you think!

GET WELL NOW! It’s easier than you think

So many people feel frustrated with their health status but simply don’t know what to do to get well again.

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Besides, how do you know which habits are the healthiest ones to adopt? There are so many trends out there that change like the weather and it’s difficult to decipher which ones you can trust.

It can also be very disappointing to commit to new habits after New Year only to see them fall away before the end of January. New habits are never easy to start and sometimes its just seems like too much hard work.

The most important thing to understand is that your body always wants to perform perfectly. If you give your body the right ingredients (nutrients and oxygen), in the right environment, then it will do this with ease.

Remember that your body is always doing its best to never let you down!

You know that your body comprises billions of cells that all perform specific functions. For instance, your liver has different types of cells compared with the cells of your brain and those too are different from muscle cells. There are several identical attributes however that all the living cells of the body share:

  • They all require an adequate oxygen supply to function correctly.
  • They all require nutrients to metabolise and perform their very specific functions.
  • They all need to discharge metabolic waste products otherwise they may become acidic and begin to dysfunction.
  • They all need an efficient and consistent delivery system to ensure that they receive oxygen & nutrients and that the waste products are carried away. This delivery system is the blood circulation network and it is in the microcirculation (the smallest blood vessels or otherwise named capillaries) where the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and waste products takes place.

When microcirculation no longer works efficiently or is impaired the cells of the body begin to suffer and we then start to notice symptoms of chronic diseases of lifestyle (arthritis, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancers, etc).

There is only one technology currently available that can positively influence the functioning of your microcirculation with no known side effects and in the comfort of your home in under eight minutes. This is BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy. You need to watch this video to understand how it works…

Private individuals, doctors and other healthcare professionals use BEMER daily to optimise microcirculation so that the body is in a better state to heal itself. The body knows how to do this but adequate oxygen and nutrients are essential for a healthy metabolism and the delivery system (the microcirculation) needs to work properly to allow this to happen.

More than 6’000 South Africans use BEMER daily to regulate and optimise the physiological mechanisms that encourage a healthy microcirculation system. This allows the cells of the body to perform their special tasks of keeping you alive and well.

There is a great deal of scientific evidence proving BEMER’s process-based efficacy. More than 1’000’000 worldwide daily BEMER applications take place in 40 countries – you can rest assured that you too will experience the amazing health benefits from daily BEMER application. It’s pure physics and proven science.

Always ask for proof when device or pharmaceutical manufacturers make medical claims. BEMER is the only Physical Vascular Therapy of its kind that has the scientific evidence to support its claims.

BEMER is 100% safe and has no known side effects. It has been licensed for sale by the South African Department of Health (549/7826) and continues to be evaluated and researched by independent academics across the globe.

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration at your home or office so that you can take the first step towards a healthy and happy 2015.

Don’t get well soon. GET WELL NOW.


Osteoporosis and the use of pulsating electromagnetic fields

by Dr H. Michaelis

If you have tried everything and still feel that you are not making any progress then you must give BEMER therapy a chance to change your life. It is 100% safe and can be used daily in the comfort of your home.

Conventional therapy for osteoporosis often comprises a change in nutrition with addition of calcium and vitamin D, avoidance of alcohol and other substances robbing the body of calcium like red meat and sweets, as well as an increase of time spent outdoors combined with exercises like swimming or physical therapy. In addition, it is advisable to stop smoking, because the loss of substance when actively smoking increases by as much as 50 percent. Prescription drugs which prevent bone loss or promote the formation of bone can also be given. Estrogen therapy for women has received mixed reviews due to the possible increased risk for breast cancer.

Piezo-Electrical Effect.

The piezo-electrical effect of bone explains the mechanisms on which bone growth, bone structure and bone healing are based. There is proof that with mild pressure on the bone a weak negative electrical current is developed and with a mild pulling force on the bone a weak positive electrical current is developed. These electrical impulses direct the bone growth and the formation of the characteristic spongy bone through calcium deposits. This ensures that the proper kind of bone structures develop, which correspond to the appropriate individual anatomical patterns of movement and usage.

One type of treatment that has been used in orthopedics for a long time is electromagnetic field therapy (approved by the FDA). Appropriate, low-frequency, electro magnetic fields induce an electrical current in the bone, which stimulate bone growth and bone healing even in the absence of mechanical weight or movement.

The following effects of electromagnetic fields are of great importance for the treatment of osteoporosis:

General effects:
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Increase of oxygen concentration in the blood
  • Improvement of the viscosity of the blood
  • Activation of cell metabolism
  • Improvement of function, differentiation and regeneration of the cells
  • Improvement of co-ordination and communication among individual cells
Effects on bone structure:
  • Loss of bone can be slowed or prevented because of the recreation of the piezo-electrical effect
  • Slow building of bone substance is possible due to the activation of calcium metabolism and stimulation of calcium deposits in the bone
  • Indirect effects due to regulation of the hormone system, which plays a crucial role in regulating metabolism of minerals
  • Improvement of overall well-being and increased activity will have a positive impact on symptoms of osteoporosis

The therapy with electromagnetic fields, which can be accomplished optimally with BEMER, is a fairly complex method, which can improve metabolism of the bone tissues and its structure, as well as the overall metabolism of the body. In addition to a balanced diet rich in calcium and plenty of exercise outdoors, the following facts should be considered: according to some new findings, calcium found in cow’s milk and its products can be difficult to absorb, and an increased need of calcium and phosphorus may require taking food supplements. The following foods are also high in minerals and calcium: green leafy vegetables, seafood, nuts and goat cheese.

Recommended BEMER application programme for osteoporosis:

Week 1-4: Morning/evening on the mat according to the BEMER Base Programme, plus once a day level 10.
Week 5 onwards: Morning/evening on the mat according to the BEMER Base Programme, plus twice a day level 10.

Additonally the B.SPOT/B.PAD should be applied to the most severely affected areas of the body at least once per day on P3

For fractures use the B.SPOT/B.PAD on the fracture site with P3 once a day.

A physician user study conducted in 2001 by the Academy for Bio-Energetics documented 28 cases of osteoporosis with an average therapy time of eight weeks.

Sixty-two percent of patients were reported complaint free, 31 percent improved, and 7 percent without change at the end of the therapy time.

© AFB April 4, 2001

Melrose Park Pharmacy & BEMER

Melrose Park Pharmacy now has a BEMER system that only selected loyal customers may use on  a regular basis to optimise microcirculation parameters, greatly increasing their chances of regaining an acceptable quality of life and recovering from chronic diseases of lifestyle.

Charlie Cawood, owner-manager of Melrose Park Pharmacy in Johannesburg, knows that medicines may only provide limited relief from chronic diseases of lifestyle. Many of his patients have been managing diseases like arthritis and diabetes with no hope of recovery, some for more than a decade.

BEMER addresses the underlying cause of chronic diseases, which is always attributed to impaired microcirculation. This is caused by an unfavourable diet, little or no exercise, and other environmental and social factors that negatively affect health.

If you are one of Melrose Park Pharmacy’s loyal customers and want to experience BEMER and its scientifically proven effects then please send us an email and we’ll gladly refer you to Charlie Cawood.

All website enquiries related to this post will be screened by Get Well Now SA to ensure that only Melrose Park Pharmacy’s regular customers are legible to use the BEMER System at Melrose Park Pharmacy. Melrose Park Pharmacy will only consider enquiries after they have been screened by Get Well Now SA.