Will I live doctor? Yes, but…

Taking chronic medication for the rest of your life is not normal.

It’s merely the best solution that modern medicine can offer you to ‘get by.’

You always have the freedom to educate yourself and learn about proven healthcare solutions. But you can only make a decision if there is documented evidence to support it.

With the growing prevalence of chronic diseases of lifestyle it is very clear that modern medicine is not providing reliable (or adequate) solutions for our 21st century health challenges. Hypertension cases are increasing daily – the same goes for hyperlipidaemia, diabetes mellitus type 2, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, arthritis, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, the list goes on.

Drugs mostly treat the symptoms of your condition so that you can manage the discomfort and dangers of your health status. Despite daily medication the underlying physiological problems still lurk inside your body and they are probably still progressing.

Responsible healthcare practitioners will advise you to exercise regularly and eat better foods. Sure, exercise has its benefits but what is a better diet? With the current controversy around the ‘normal’ (low-fat) diet (which has contributed to the global prevalence of chronic diseases of lifestyle) and Banting (low-carb high-fat diet), who knows what one should actually eat?

Also, not everyone wants to go to the gym and exercise. Yes, the medical schemes will do anything to get you into the gym or running at least 5kms every day. Some will even give you a wearable monitoring device to record your every move and then they might take it away from you if you don’t move enough. So, where does this leave you?

There is a practical solution for everyone: just press a button.


A BEMER® button.

BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy has been scientifically proven to optimise vasomotion which is responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of blood through the capillaries. Your capillaries are the essential link between your blood and every single living cell in your body. Every cell requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to optimally perform its special metabolic functions.

The reason we acquire a chronic disease of lifestyle is because poor lifestyle habits interfere with important biochemical pathways, which can then reduce the normal vasomotion rate. This then leads to impaired microcirculation (the vast network of capillaries comprising 74% of all blood vessels) function, which starves the cells of oxygen and nutrients.

When your cells are starved of oxygen and nutrients over a sustained period you will certainly experience some type of ailment or medical complaint, which may vary in severity from person to person. Chronic diseases of lifestyle are NOT NORMAL, even if you are told that they are normal.

Your quality of life is more precious than you could ever imagine.

Everyone wants to be healthy until they die naturally. Death is not a pleasant thought but suffering for years until one dies is an even more unpleasant thought. No one wants to lose their faculties and suffer in their golden years.

Simply rent or buy a BEMER® system from us today and start feeling the benefits. Even if you are an ultra-fit sports person you will still experience the proven influences of BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy. Thousands of professional and amateur sports teams and individuals use BEMER® for rapid recovery and peak performance.


BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy is your lifetime investment.

If you drive a premium vehicle every day then you acknowledge that exclusive value comes at an exclusive price. But just how much are you investing in your health? Do you value your driving comfort more than the quality of your life? Your automobile provides your body with no health benefit whatsoever yet it absorbs a substantial portion of your capital to afford you a sense of comfort, pleasure and status.

Surely your body should be in better shape than your wealth portfolio or your vehicle? Because without optimum health, your life experience will be limited by your physical and mental capacities.

When you invest in a new BEMER® System you immediately take control of your health and your future: you experience appreciative health benefits every time you use it.

You should also consider buying a BEMER® System for your staff. Let your employees experience measured health benefits with a daily 8-minute BEMER® treatment during work hours. Give your business the BEMER® advantage by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity, simply, reliably and safely.

Watch these BEMER® testimonials on YouTube or take some time to read the evidence.

BEMER Prices: 

BEMER® Professional System: R75’900

BEMER® Classic System: R54’500

Price includes:

  • one new pulse oximeter (to monitor oxygen saturation)
  • one new blood pressure monitor;
  • VAT;
  • a 3-year factory warranty;
  • delivery to your preferred address in the Republic of South Africa; and
  • perpetual technical and application support.

BEMER® 3000 Rental: R2000/month

Price includes:

  • VAT;
  • one month’s usage.

New BEMER System prices are subject change without notice due to fluctuating ZAR/EUR exchange rates. Terms and conditions apply.

Contact me for a private or group demonstration at your home, office or organisation.

Stuart van Tonder – Get Well Now SA

Call: 083-412-0820

Email: info@getwellnow.co.za


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