BEMER Professional System

The BEMER Professional System

This is the flagship BEMER System that has two independent BEMER signal delivery components allowing the user to apply two different treatments simultaneously through two different modules. When you unpack your new BEMER Professional System you will find:


  1. B.BOX Professional (touch-screen control box)
  2. B.BODY (Full body mat with six coils – 3.5-35 microtesla)
  3. B.GRIP (module casing for B.LIGHT and B.SPOT)
  4. B.SPOT (intensive applicator – for small affected areas – 10-100 microtesla)
  5. B.LIGHT (LED applicator – 660 nanometres for skin/visible conditions)
  6. B.PAD (intensive applicator with Velcro strap for larger affected areas – 10-100 microtesla)
  7. Vehicle Connect (cigarette lighter power 12V)
  8. Wall Mounting Bracket

Optional Extras

  1. Additional B.BODY (allowing two full body treatments simultaneously)
  2. Battery (Lithium ion) to use BEMER anywhere and always (aeroplane, hotel, office, vacation, car, hospital, clinic, field ops etc).


Take a look at how easy it is to apply BEMER so that it becomes part of your lifestyle or practice.

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