What is BEMER?

BEMER is the world’s most effective Physical Vascular Therapy currently available.

Rent a BEMER 3000 System for 8 weeks and experience this groundbreaking technology  in the comfort of your home. BEMER is scientifically proven and 100% safe.

Chronic medication manages symptoms of disease whereas BEMER positively influences the underlying causes of chronic disease by gently improving blood circulation parameters, immune system function and bone cell proliferation (and that’s not all!). All you have to do is try it.

Learn the basics of how your body works and start making informed decisions about how you can significantly improve and reliably maintain your quality of life.

Nothing is more important than optimum health.

BEMER positively influences the way your blood flows through the tiniest blood vessels (capillaries) in your body. It also optimises your immune system and positively encourages bone density. This is a scientific fact.

Every single living cell in your body needs a consistent supply of oxygen and nutrients and an efficient waste removal system – this takes place in the microcirculation comprising all the capillaries in your body.

Without adequate oxygen and nutrients and the efficient removal of waste products, your cells cannot metabolise correctly, less ATP is manufactured in the cells and the intracellular space becomes acidic. This is the underlying cause of most non-communicable diseases (chronic diseases of lifestyle).

BEMER effectively optimises microcirculation in under eight minutes, with no known side effects – it is perfectly safe.

We are designed to self-heal

Our bodies have been designed to fix themselves but they struggle to do this because of lifestyle habits that place a tremendous burden on our metabolism. If our cells are having a difficult time performing their normal functions then they certainly won’t have the capacity to fix any problems when they arise.

BEMER is for everyone


You can use BEMER with confidence every day and night in the comfort of your home to:
  1. find relief or recovery from a debilitating chronic disease, regardless of age;
  2. regain mobility, independence and quality of life;
  3. increase bone density and reliably treat bone fractures;
  4. shorten convalescence after surgery, stroke or injury;
  5. minimise the side effects of chemo- or radio-therapy;
  6. enhance physical and mental performance;
  7. recover faster from sport and exercise;
  8. maintain excellent family health and prevent the onset of chronic diseases;
  9. treat minor ‘first aid’ events (burns, cuts, bruises, abrasions, sprains); or
  10. simply gain a ‘new lease on life.’

Take a look at the articles on this site to learn how you can benefit from using BEMER every day and then make the best health decision you’ve ever made.

This is how you use BEMER daily.

Watch the microcirculation videos.

Read the scientific evidence.

Buy your own BEMER System.

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