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Always ask for evidence and proof of claims made by people who tell you that their products are beneficial to your health, regardless of their titles, influence or perceived experience.

BEMER is a veritable physical therapy that has been proven to optimise your microcirculation and immune system parameters in less than eight minutes. This is a scientific fact and the evidence can be scrutinised on this website.

The collection of microcirculation videos from the Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin, illustrates the evidence in only a few minutes.

What’s even more convincing is that you can measure the changes in your blood pressure and SpO2 (oxygen saturation – the availability of oxygen in body tissue) values before and after BEMER sessions and actually record the progression of increased circulation parameters over 30 days. When you buy a new BEMER System from Get Well Now you will get a pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor free of charge.

Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin

Published Evidence

Microcirculation Videos

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