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BEMER in the Marico – June 2014 Report

BEMER in the Marico – a health and social impact programme

After having placed 9 BEMER Systems at selected stations in the Marico region in February 2014 we (Stuart and Richard) returned in June 2014 to assess the impact of this informal BEMER programme.

Tuesday, 10 June – Pella

Tumi  runs established development and community projects from her property in Pella, North West Province, South Africa. She runs a nursery school with intermittent and unreliable funding from limited sources. Two German volunteers are placed at this project to assist Tumi for twelve months after which they are replaced by the next two volunteers.

We approached Tumi in December 2014 to explain BEMER technology to her and explore whether or not she would be interested in adding BEMER therapy to her facilities. Pella residents would be able to use the BEMER Systems free of charge and experience life-changing health benefits.

We arrived there on Tuesday at 11am to catch up with Tumi and get some feed back directly from the community members that have been using BEMER since February 2014.

Check out these videos to hear what they had to say about their individual BEMER experiences so far:

A couple of the younger HIV BEMER users were not so keen to discuss their results as the disease carries a  burdensome stigma that is harboured by massive emotional insecurities. I have to say though that they all looked very healthy to me and were in good spirits. They all attend their bi-weekly BEMER sessions without fail!

We discussed with Tumi the possibility of expanding the BEMER capacity by adding another three systems to the programme and lobbying for an additional two German volunteers to operate the ‘centre.’

Critical to the success of this programme is the active participation of the provincial department of health and the North West University, specifically its Hypertension Research Programme (HART) and its Mitochondrial Research Programme. We will present our plan to the NWU and publish the outcomes on this website.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 10-11 June 2014, Groot Marico

We visited Santa, Jolene and Jen to learn about the life-changes that have been experienced by the locals that have been using BEMER since February.

It is clear that there is an overwhelming indication that the majority of people that use BEMER have experienced positive health benefits.

We would love to post this video now but the sound quality is terrible and spoils it. We will see what we can do do to enhance the quality of the audio and then post it.

The BEMER Marico programme continues.

There is something very exciting happening in this corner of the world. A poor community is experiencing tangible health benefits from regular BEMER use, regardless of their conditions.

We will continue to post developments on this website in the coming weeks.

BEMER Health and Social Impact Programme

BEMER in the Marico, North West Province

During February 2014 we placed 11 BEMER Systems at various community ‘stations’ in the Marico district to informally evaluate the impact that this technology can have on individuals in poor and remote rural locations in South Africa.

The provincial department of health faces challenges in delivering complete healthcare services to rural communities.

We will visit the various stations on Tuesday 10 June to see how regular BEMER treatments have changed the lives of those in need of lifestyle/medical interventions. We placed the BEMER Systems in these communities so that they may find relief and/or recovery from their chronic ailments or diseases.

We hope to capture some video interviews with these people and post them on YouTube.

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BEMER Health & Social Impact Programme

Dr Richard Chernis & I travelled to Groot Marico on Sunday, 9 February 2014, to deliver 11 BEMER systems to German volunteers that are already involved in established community development and support programmes.

These German students will be giving free BEMER therapy treatments to anyone that is suffering from a disease, condition or ailment. They will record all results and post  significant cases on the therealeffect.wordpress.com for review and comment.

Our goal is to offer these community members an alternative healthcare option because they are not adequately serviced by the facilities and resources in the region.

Hopefully this programme will receive attention from state healthcare officials so that the necessary steps will be taken to encourage nationwide public availability of BEMER.

Follow both websites for ongoing news and information relating to this unique programme.