The Value of Your Health

Of all the assets you possess, do you consider your health to be the most valuable?

And, if you could sell your health then do you think someone else would want to buy it?

Maintaining the integrity of one’s financial portfolio requires special attention, this we know. But how much of your attention is being given to the state of your health – equally, how much investment is required to improve or maintain it?

If you understand that the state of your health directly influences your Quality of Life and Work then you will do everything to maintain and enhance your mental & physical performance.

It is your capacity to create and share new life experiences (and remember the previous ones) with the special people in your life that really matters.

If you want to add considerable value to your life and those closest to you then making informed decisions about your health (and theirs) is absolutely paramount.

We all want to live a longer, fuller life – learn how BEMER is already doing this for almost 7’000 South African families every day.

Rely on scientific evidence. Rely on BEMER. Read more.

Current BEMER Prices (subject to change without notice):

  • BEMER Professional System – R75’900
  • BEMER Classic System – R54’500
  • BEMER Vet System – R54’500

All prices include VAT, delivery, a pocket pulse oximeter, a travel blood pressure monitor and a three-year factory warranty.

BEMER Systems are entirely safe and have no known negative side effects. They are all CE and ISO certified and are also licensed by the SA Department of Health (549/7826). The technology has been the subject of rigorous independent international research since 1998.

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