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Temporary BEMER Price Reduction – EXTENDED to 6 May 2016

Temporary BEMER® Price reduction.

If you are waiting for a miracle or medicine to positively change the underyling causes of your health condition(s) then you could be waiting in vain.

Take control of your body, your future and your quality of life, right now, with BEMER®.

Stock is limited and only fully paid orders before 30 April 2016 will be honoured at these discounted prices:

BEMER® Professional System

Special Price – R69’900

BEMER® Classic System

Special Price – R49’900

The Get Well Now Difference: All single unit systems include an SpO2 (pulse oximeter) measuring device and a portable automatic wrist blood pressure monitor from Get Well Now ONLY. These devices help you track the instant and progressive changes of your blood circulation parameters. No other physical therapy (invasive or non-invasive) that is currently available can compete with BEMER®’s safe, reliable and rapid physiological enhancements. No other official BEMER distributor in Southern Africa gives you this control of self-diagnosis and monitoring when buying a new system.

All prices also include VAT, delivery, perpetual after-sales support and a three-year warranty.

Rental options available and used BEMER 3000 systems are also for sale.

Send Stuart an email right now to claim your very own BEMER® System.


Risks & Reality

You take great care assessing and considering risks when dealing with your financial portfolio, including property purchases. The same can’t be said for purchasing vehicles since these decisions are purely driven by emotion. Why then would you risk the state of your health, your most precious and important asset?

If you have been taking chronic medication for some time then you are aware that your condition is progressing, meaning that your health status is slowly declining. This is simply because the underlying causes have not been addressed.

The most common chronic health condition in South Africa (and the world) is hypertension or high blood pressure. This is a sign that capillaries are not being adequately perfused, meaning that blood is not moving into the capillaries to ‘service’ your cells and is basically ‘waiting’ in your arterioles or venules. Hypertension is a common precursor to other chronic diseases and, as you know, is extremely dangerous.

By now you fully aware that, after reading Get Well Now’s regular newsletters over the past year, optimum blood flow is the roadway to optimum health. Every healthcare practitioner knows this but it seems that most of them prescribe drugs as a means to manage a chronic disease.

Capillaries serve as the interface between blood and all the cells of your body. This is where cells receive oxygen and nutrients and where metabolic waste is carried away. When the cells of the body do not receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients they begin to dysfunction, evident in symptoms of chronic diseases/ailments.

It is no wonder then that 1/4 of all the cells of your body are red blood cells (cells in your blood that carry oxygen throughout your body to every single living cell) and why 74% of all blood vessels in your body are capillaries (the smallest blood vessels that provide red blood cells with an interface to all your cells). This is the life-giving system keeping you alive every second of every day. Just hold your breath for as long as you can and you will notice very quickly just how rapidly and urgently oxygen is required to keep you alive.

BEMER® optimises vasomotion which is the natural blood circulation mechanism that perfuses (fills) capillaries, within eight minutes of application. BEMER® has been extensively researched, revealing that it has measured and reliable health benefits for the frequent user, regardless of ethnicity, age or health condition.

More than 7’000 South African families and healthcare practitioners have all made an informed decision about purchasing a BEMER® System because the scientific facts and safety certifications (CE & ISO) are undisputed. Documentation is always available for scrutiny by the public, healthcare professionals and academics.

Re-evaluate your health risks, look at all the scientifically verified options out there, and you will clearly see that investing in your own BEMER® System will be the best health decision you’ll ever make.

Call or email Stuart now to order your new BEMER System today – +2783-412-0820.

Will I live doctor? Yes, but…

Taking chronic medication for the rest of your life is not normal.

It’s merely the best solution that modern medicine can offer you to ‘get by.’

You always have the freedom to educate yourself and learn about proven healthcare solutions. But you can only make a decision if there is documented evidence to support it.

With the growing prevalence of chronic diseases of lifestyle it is very clear that modern medicine is not providing reliable (or adequate) solutions for our 21st century health challenges. Hypertension cases are increasing daily – the same goes for hyperlipidaemia, diabetes mellitus type 2, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, arthritis, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, the list goes on.

Drugs mostly treat the symptoms of your condition so that you can manage the discomfort and dangers of your health status. Despite daily medication the underlying physiological problems still lurk inside your body and they are probably still progressing.

Responsible healthcare practitioners will advise you to exercise regularly and eat better foods. Sure, exercise has its benefits but what is a better diet? With the current controversy around the ‘normal’ (low-fat) diet (which has contributed to the global prevalence of chronic diseases of lifestyle) and Banting (low-carb high-fat diet), who knows what one should actually eat?

Also, not everyone wants to go to the gym and exercise. Yes, the medical schemes will do anything to get you into the gym or running at least 5kms every day. Some will even give you a wearable monitoring device to record your every move and then they might take it away from you if you don’t move enough. So, where does this leave you?

There is a practical solution for everyone: just press a button.


A BEMER® button.

BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy has been scientifically proven to optimise vasomotion which is responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of blood through the capillaries. Your capillaries are the essential link between your blood and every single living cell in your body. Every cell requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to optimally perform its special metabolic functions.

The reason we acquire a chronic disease of lifestyle is because poor lifestyle habits interfere with important biochemical pathways, which can then reduce the normal vasomotion rate. This then leads to impaired microcirculation (the vast network of capillaries comprising 74% of all blood vessels) function, which starves the cells of oxygen and nutrients.

When your cells are starved of oxygen and nutrients over a sustained period you will certainly experience some type of ailment or medical complaint, which may vary in severity from person to person. Chronic diseases of lifestyle are NOT NORMAL, even if you are told that they are normal.

Your quality of life is more precious than you could ever imagine.

Everyone wants to be healthy until they die naturally. Death is not a pleasant thought but suffering for years until one dies is an even more unpleasant thought. No one wants to lose their faculties and suffer in their golden years.

Simply rent or buy a BEMER® system from us today and start feeling the benefits. Even if you are an ultra-fit sports person you will still experience the proven influences of BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy. Thousands of professional and amateur sports teams and individuals use BEMER® for rapid recovery and peak performance.


BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy is your lifetime investment.

If you drive a premium vehicle every day then you acknowledge that exclusive value comes at an exclusive price. But just how much are you investing in your health? Do you value your driving comfort more than the quality of your life? Your automobile provides your body with no health benefit whatsoever yet it absorbs a substantial portion of your capital to afford you a sense of comfort, pleasure and status.

Surely your body should be in better shape than your wealth portfolio or your vehicle? Because without optimum health, your life experience will be limited by your physical and mental capacities.

When you invest in a new BEMER® System you immediately take control of your health and your future: you experience appreciative health benefits every time you use it.

You should also consider buying a BEMER® System for your staff. Let your employees experience measured health benefits with a daily 8-minute BEMER® treatment during work hours. Give your business the BEMER® advantage by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity, simply, reliably and safely.

Watch these BEMER® testimonials on YouTube or take some time to read the evidence.

BEMER Prices: 

BEMER® Professional System: R75’900

BEMER® Classic System: R54’500

Price includes:

  • one new pulse oximeter (to monitor oxygen saturation)
  • one new blood pressure monitor;
  • VAT;
  • a 3-year factory warranty;
  • delivery to your preferred address in the Republic of South Africa; and
  • perpetual technical and application support.

BEMER® 3000 Rental: R2000/month

Price includes:

  • VAT;
  • one month’s usage.

New BEMER System prices are subject change without notice due to fluctuating ZAR/EUR exchange rates. Terms and conditions apply.

Contact me for a private or group demonstration at your home, office or organisation.

Stuart van Tonder – Get Well Now SA

Call: 083-412-0820


Get Well Now at Woodhill Residential Estate

Woodhill Residential Estate.

Friday 26 February 2016

Get Well Now sponsored the Woodhill Residents’ Evening along with a BEMER exhibition and technology demonstration.

A fair number of residents and golf members were subjected to an initial oxygen saturation (SpO2) test followed by an 8 minute BEMER application on phase 4 (intensity 4) on the B.BODY module.

Each user’s SpO2 was again checked immediately after the 8 minute treatment and again at 15 minutes after the last SpO2 assessment. A portable pulse oximeter was used to check the SpO2 percentage.

Every user experienced an increase in SpO2 after the 8 minute BEMER treatment. The most significant change that was recorded was from an obese teenager whose initial SpO2 was 91%. This increased to 99% after an 8 minute BEMER application. We were all quite surprised by the changes. He said that he experienced tingles on his forehead, arms and soles of his feet during the application. This was quite a dramatic effect!

About 300 Woodhill residents attended the lucky draw which takes place every month for residents only. We were given a chance to briefly explain the incredible science of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy and encourage residents to try BEMER for 8 minutes.

Several residents already own a BEMER System, some for many years already. This is testament to the tanglible and proven benefits of BEMER.

We will be visiting more Gauteng residential estates this year to educate residents about the scientifically proven health benefits of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy.

Nothing is more important than one’s quality of life, which is ultimately determined by the condition of one’s health.

If you would like us to visit your residential estate or retirement village for BEMER education and demonstration purposes then please call us on 083-412-0820 to make a booking.

The Woodhill Residential Estate Golf Course is one of the finest in Gauteng. Remember you can play golf in Pretoria almost 365 days a year! The weather is always fantastic!

Thank you so much to Ms Sarita Stonehouse, Marketing, Brand and Event Manager at Woodhill, for her professional service and advice.

Diabetes – BEMER

Diabetes negatively affects the way your blood flows through the body. The consequences of impaired circulation are devastating and can be life-limiting or even fatal.

The most common diabetes complications are:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy (numbness or tingles in the hands and/or feet);
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers (non-healing wounds);
  • Amputation (surgical removal of extremities leading to disability);
  • Retinopathy (blindness);
  • Renal Failure (kidney failure);
  • Cardiovascular Disease (heart disease);
  • Erectile Dysfunction (reduced sexual performance);
  • Dementia (loss of brain function).

Avoid or effectively treat these conditions daily with BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy, in the comfort of your home.

Download this PDF to see the incredible South African results of BEMER therapy for success in limb salvage.

Rely on 17 years of clinical research.
Rely on BEMER.



Get yours now:

Call: 083-412-0820

Skype: stuartvt

Boris Becker uses BEMER

“My long career as a tennis pro has affected my body very deeply. I feel the enormous physical stress and the many injuries I had suffered all the more today. A fate to which any top athlete can probably relate. Since I started using the BEMER system, I feel a significant relief of my symptoms and my general well-being has substantially improved. “

Boris Becker won 49 tournaments in singles and 15 in doubles.

He was victorious in six Grand Slam, including three times most important tournament in the world: Wimbledon. He headed the world ranking for twelve weeks and remains the youngest Wimbledon champion in the history of the tournament.

Boris Becker is an exceptional athlete, a legend of tennis, an appealing brand and role model.

Hypertension is dangerous. So fix it!

Did you know that hypertension is the most prevalent chronic condition in SA?

It also leads to other serious life-limiting health conditions.

“Hypertension (HYP) was the fastest increasing cardiovascular condition, increasing by 33% between 2008 and 2013 (from 65.5 to 87.2 per 1 000). In 2013, more female than male beneficiaries received treatment for hypertension (90.9 per 1 000 vs. 83.3 per 1 000 respectively).”  – Council for Medical Schemes (Prevalence of chronic diseases in the population covered by medical schemes in South Africa – January 2015).

Research shows that Hypertension is caused by lifestyle risk factors: poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking. Hypertension is the condition where blood is not being adequately transported through the tiniest blood vessels (capillaries).

Significant volumes of blood collect in arterioles and venules, starving organs of vital oxygen and nutrients and placing a dangerous demand on the heart muscles. It is an indication that the blood-pumping mechanism, called vasomotion, is no longer functioning optimally.

When this is sustained over a long period we find the onset of other chronic diseases of lifestyle: cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, kidney failure, including acute emergencies like stroke and heart failure.


BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy increases vasomotion rates within eight minutes.*

*The Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin, has documented  scientific evidence of BEMER®’s influence on this essential blood circulation function. No other therapy or drug can achieve this without any negative side effects in eight minutes.

BEMER® is comfortably integrated into your bed so that you cannot avoid applying the completely safe therapy before and after sleep. There are no excuses! What’s more is that the two BEMER® models have a special sleep function, giving your body enhanced regenerative capacity while you’re dreaming.

BEMER® Professional System: R75’900

BEMER® Classic System: R54’500

Price includes:

  • VAT;
  • 3-year factory warranty;
  • delivery to your preferred address in the Republic of South Africa;
  • perpetual technical and application support;
  • one new pulse oximeter; and
  • one new blood pressure monitor.

BEMER® Rental: R2000/month

Price includes:

  • VAT;
  • one month’s usage;
  • free delivery and setup in Gauteng only.

Price excludes:

  • R280 once-off delivery charge for all provinces except Gauteng;
  • insurance for damage or loss.

Don’t let Hypertension lead to other chronic or acute health conditions that will limit your life experience.

Do something about it today by relying on scientific evidence – invest in your own BEMER® or rent one to try it out first!

Call or email us right away.