BEMER Sports

BEMER Sports

Why use BEMER in Sport?

  • Dramatically reduce recovery time
  • Rapidly treat injuries, wounds and fractures
  • Optimise blood circulation parameters before exercise for peak-performance
  • Increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production (21%)
  • Increase immune system activity

It is common knowledge that sports equipment can be quite expensive and having the best quality gear can make a marked difference in performance.

But what about enhancing the body’s ability to perform at its peak?

Nutrition, rest and preparedness all play a major role in the ability to exert the optimum amount of power at the right moment, hopeful that it pays off and produces the desired result. Timing here is essential.

Quality and efficiency of blood circulation is the defining parameter for peak-performance. Without an abundance of oxygen and nutrients the cells of the body will not metabolise at the rate the sportsperson expects, regardless of fitness and preparedness.

Extend the aperture of ‘excellent timing’ with BEMER.

There is only one scientifically-proven Physical Vascular Therapy that is reliable, measurable and consistent in ensuring that macro- and microcirculation parameters are enhanced with no known side effects. This therapy is BEMER.

If you want to be the best at your sport then you should only use tried and tested technologies and techniques that harness every performance advantage available.

Get your own BEMER System and feel what it’s like to truly perform at your peak.


Video by Lady BEMER

BEMER (English) playlist on YouTube – Stuart van Tonder

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