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Multiple Sclerosis

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How can BEMER help a patient with Multiple Sclerosis?

BEMER physically increases key blood parameters which encourages the natural delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and removal waste products. Multiple sclerosis is defined by the deterioration of nerve cell function, evident in the destruction of the myelin sheath which acts an electrochemical insulator for electrical impulses that travel along the axons of neurons.

If the cells that produce myelin (Schwann cells) are also consistently receiving oxygen and nutrients then they will also be in a better state to perform myelin-producing functions.

Read this BEMER trial conducted to determine the effects of BEMER treatment of fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Your body is designed to self-heal. So let it!

BEMER supports the body’s inherent ability to repair and regulate itself, which is exactly what neuro-degenerative autoimmune disease sufferers require. The full-scale results of the regenerative process will not happen in a few BEMER treatments as some people would expect. This process could take between 4 weeks and 12 months before any significant changes are experienced, however It is encouraging to know that the self-healing processes in the body are kick-started from the very first treatment.

It is a known fact that the degenerative condition of MS is not curable in the allopathic (modern medical) paradigm. This is because modern medicine seeks to manufacture a biochemical intervention (a drug) to encourage healing and/or mask symptoms.

BEMER simply addresses the body’s cellular dysfunctions by optimising the microcirulation, the immune system and the production of ATP.

Never accept that you should learn to live with any disease(s). Your body’s amazing ability to heal itself must not be ignored. It just needs the right ingredients to do this.

If you suffer from MS and find yourself wanting to learn more about how your body can fix itself then give us a call or send us an email.

Just never give up.

Always continue to comply with your medical prescription even when using BEMER for MS. Only take advice on your doseage from your healthcare provider. BEMER will allow your medication to be delivered efficiently throughout the body because it has its greatest effects on the improvement of microcirculation parameters.

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